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Labrador/Shepherd Mix - Dog Training | Luna | Culver City, CA

Luna, a ​Labrador/Shepherd Mix from ​Culver City​, CA., went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board & Train dog training program. Luna was trained by ​dog trainer Amanda Lascari in La Habra Heights, CA​

Luna has joined us for our one week board and train program. Luna is a sweet girl but has some leash pulling and reactivity that needs some work. She loves to play with other dogs but doesn’t know how to properly approach and greet them. We will be working on her obedience, focus, and proper greetings. Stay tuned for Luna’s transformation.


Pupdate 1/20/2020

Luna and I went to a park, with low distractions, to work on her commands. Today we worked on come to sit, which is a little hard for her once her nose starts going and her I eyes want to focus on everything but me. We saw a few dogs, from a distance, I made her sit and watch as they walked by. As she gets better with her commands and becomes less reactive, we will get closer to other dogs and distractions. Her favorite command is Place, which is where the dog sits on an object other than the floor. This command is great command for confidence building as well as relaxing and being calm.


Pupdate 1/21/2020

Luna worked on come, sit and down today. We also practiced not pulling on the leash. It is still a work in progress but a lot better than day one. We walked around the neighborhood, to practice not lunging at other dogs or distractions she sees. We saw a few dogs walking, so I made her sit and watch them as they walked by, teaching her to be in a calm state. We also saw 2 men wearing hats, she was not thrilled about that. She growled and barked, so I had her do the same as before, sit and relax.


Pupdate 1/22/2020

A nice day to be out practicing the place and heel commands. Luna has been doing great with the heel command. She is no longer pulling and dragging me around. She is walking at my side, but still unsure of her surroundings and gets spooked once in awhile. Place has been Luna’s favorite command; trying new and different objects, anywhere we can find them, to boost her confidence.


Pupdate 1/23/2020

Luna is doing awesome with the heel command! Today we went over to a friends house, who has a sweet Pitbull named Blue I trained a few years back, to work on Luna’s leash reactivity. Luna did great. She didn’t bark or try to pull me to get to the other dog. I allowed her to look but not to become too focused or interested in Blue. Luna was able to walk past Blue as well as walk side by side with her. Luna wasn’t ready to make new friends today, but a walking buddy is perfectly fine.


Pupdate 1/24/2020 Luna went to meet grandma today. She worked on her place and down command, learning to be calm and relax while inside. She was very well behaved. After, we decided to do some shopping at The Shoppes at Chino Hills. Luna did great walking through the crowds of people. We walked past other dogs without pulling or lunging towards them.

Pupdate 1/25/2020

Luna and I spent the day at The Block of Orange, fine tuning her commands with high distractions. We met up with another trainer, Chris, who Luna loved getting all his attention. She did very well, she didn’t bark or growl at him with his glasses on. Luna can’t wait to go home to show you all that she has learned this week!


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