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Lucy | Golden Retriever | Los Angeles, CA

Lucy the 6 month old Golden Retriever from Los Angeles, CA completed her 2 Week Board & Train classes with OffLeash SoCal's Heather Acosta.

In Training:

This sweet 6 month old girly started two lessons with us. Due to moms busy schedule, she gets to join us for our two week adventure board and train.

A well trained dog is a HAPPY dog 😁

Practicing PLACE out on our first field trip

Down on Place during this rainy day. Helping each other learn impulse control.

Lucy wants a huge bone for Christmas. I think she deserves It, don’t you?

Field trip day and running errands has never been so much fun

Dog distractions or friends; no one will ever know

Isn’t she the cutes, even more so now that she’s trained

Finished up after video today ready to go home