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Lucky | Lab Mix | Thousand Oaks, CA | In Training

Meet Lucky! He's a one year old Lab Mix from Thousand Oaks, California here for our Two-Week Board and Train program! Lucky is extremely friendly, however he does have some issues with jumping, pulling on his leash, and following basic commands. Over the next fourteen days, Lucky will learn how to behave on and off leash, how to properly greet people and other dogs, and how to be the pup he can be! Stay tuned for Lucky's Two week transformation!


Pupdate: 10/23/2022

After picking up Lucky, we stayed at Reseda Park and spent some time getting to know each other! He took a liking to me immediately! He's very playful and friendly! After the park, we went back to my house where I let Lucky sniff around for a bit and get used to staying here with me!


Pupdate: 10/24/2022

Lucky and I went to Brookhurst Park today for his first full day of training! He did a really good job for the most part. After working for a while, he did hit a point where he wanted to stop working and he tried to pull away from me and started rolling on the ground. After, he realized he wasn't going to get out of work so easily, he began to behave again! We worked on his Heel and his Come To Sit commands today. For Heel, I'd like Lucky to walk at my left side with his ears in line with my legs, without pulling forward or veering off to the side. For Come To Sit, I want Lucky to come to my right side, go around my legs, and sit at my left side. Lucky's Heel has already improved since yesterday, and he seems to be learning Come To Sit fairly quickly!


Pupdate: 10/25/2022

Lucky and I went to Home Depot today for training. There were a few moments when passing other dogs or people, where Lucky would struggle to keep his composure and continue walking with me, but he managed to hold it together! We also worked on Lucky's Place command today. For this command, I want Lucky to hop onto a raised object, such as a bench, when asked. Lucky seems to be a pretty confident pup, so it didn't take long for Lucky to get the hang of this one!


Pupdate: 10/26/2023

Lucky and I went to Almansor Park today for training! Today was his best day so far. He was able to perform most of his commands with very little leash tension. This tells me he is learning the commands and he is engaged with me while we're working. He got distracted by some other dogs a couple times, but he managed to regain his composure and continue! We worked on his Down command today, and he got the hang of it quite quickly!


Pupdate: 10/27/2022

Lucky went to Citadel Outlets today for training! This was the busiest place he's been with me so far. He was very well behaved the whole time, except for one instance when he tried to jump on me after performing a command. When Lucky jumps, I use the Off command, which is our "do not do" command, as well as apply a light stimulation with his E-collar. Other than that, Lucky did a great job! He didn't seem to mind the people. Lucky seems to get more distracted by other dogs. I can also use the Off command when Lucky starts focusing on other dogs, which helps bring his attention back to me!


Pupdate: 10/28/2022

Lucky and I went to Fashion Island today for training! He did a good job, although he was very excited at the start. There were several new dogs working around Lucky, and he really wanted to play with them. After he got used to being around the new dogs, he started behaving very well!


Pupdate: 10/29/2022

Lucky went to Almansor Park for training! He started performing his commands with his leash dragging today. Letting his leash drag on the ground allows me to get an idea of how he might perform off leash while still having the leash available if needed. He got distracted by some geese at the beginning, but he always managed to follow through with his commands. Very good job today, Lucky!


Pupdate: 10/30/2022

Lucky went to Citadel Outlets today! He worked with his leash dragging again today, and he did well. There were certain times he would hesitate when performing commands due to the distractions in the area, but he's progressing very well!


Pupdate: 10/31/2022

Lucky and I went to Pan Pacific Park today for training! We started on leash, but after taking a few minutes for him to get used to the area, I took him off leash! He was off leash for most of the day, and he did a good job. There were still times I felt like he was too focused on distractions instead of me, but he did very well with each of his commands nonetheless.


Pupdate: 11/1/2022

Lucky went to the park for more off leash training! There were more people and other dogs around today, so Lucky started off the day rather excited. He pretty quickly readjusted and began behaving quite well! In his video for today, he only makes a few small mistakes. He wants to veer to the side while we're Heeling, but when I reiterate the Heel command and apply a light stimulation, he quickly regains his position. He also breaks his Sit command when I first ask him to sit. When I ask him a second time, he holds his position even when a few people walk by! Great job!


Pupdate: 11/2/2022

Lucky and I went to Maple Park today for training! He was off leash for most of the time today. He did well all day! I believe yesterday was Lucky's birthday, so today I got him a birthday snack, which I think he liked! Good work today, Lucky!


Pupdate: 11/3/2022

Lucky and I went to Citadel Outlets today for training! For his video today, I wanted to show some of the manners Lucky has been working on: food manners, door manners, and car manners. For his food manners, I want to be able to put food in front of Lucky without him immediately trying to gobble it up. For Door manners, I'd like Lucky to sit and wait patiently when I open the door and only go through when I ask him. For car manners, I want him to hop into my car and walk directly into his kennel when asked!


Pupdate: 11/4/2022

Lucky went to Citadel Outlets today for training! He was off leash for most of the day. He was very well behaved and only got distracted a couple times by some birds. He did extremely well with each of his commands off leash, and he behaved well when approached by a few strangers who wanted to pet him! Lucky will be going home tomorrow, so today was his last full day of training! Lucky is such a sweetheart, I've loved having him around for the last two weeks.


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