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Luca | German Shepherd | Diamond Bar, CA | In-Training

Meet Luca, a six month old German Shepherd from Diamond Bar, CA! He is here for our Two Week Board and Train Program to learn leash manners, basic obedience and house manners. Luca is such a sweet, gentle boy who just needs some guidance! Stay tuned for his two week transformation!


Pupdate 10/24/21

Luca and I spent the afternoon just getting to know each other and letting him decompress by exploring his environment! Luca is such a sweet and gentle boy who is very affectionate! Once he had time to relax for a few hours, we went to a quiet park, and started to introduce the Come and Heel commands. He was a bit hesitant at first, which is super understandable but after working on it for a bit he got more relaxed. Good boy Luca! When we got home after working on that, we introduced the Place command. Good work today Luca!!!!


Pupdate 10/25/21

Today we started with a quick morning walk and worked on heel, down, come and sit. Since it was raining most of the day, we did a lot of Luca’s basic commands indoors. We practiced place and door manners throughout the day. Once the rain stopped we went to Fallbrook Park and worked on place, heel, down and come. Luca did really well for his first full day of training! Good boy Luca!


Pupdate 10/26/21

This morning I noticed Luca had thrown up her dinner from last night and wasn’t hungry today. This is very common when a dog is still getting used to their new surroundings but I will keep an eye on Luca’s food consumption the next few days and keep you guys updated! Today we went to Santa Monica Pier and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come in a more distracting location. Luca is still pretty reserved and shy during training but I’m hoping that this will subside as the week goes on and she gets more comfortable with me. Later on we went to a park and worked on Come, Down, and Place. Overall Luca did really well!


Pupdate 10/27/21

Last night since Luca didn’t eat her dinner, I decided to try and leave her dinner in her kennel overnight to see if she would maybe eat through out the night. However Luca wasn’t interested in eating her dinner from the previous night. She also wasn’t interested in her breakfast nor dinner today. If its ok with you guys I’d like to try putting her on chicken and rice to see if she will eat that. So for todays training we went to an outdoor mall and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! She is still a bit reserved so I’m trying to things as exciting for Luca as possible. We also went to a park and continued working on Duration Down and Come. Good job Luca!


Pupdate 10/28/21

Today we started the morning with an hour walk and worked on Down, Come, Heel, and Sit. Luca did end up eating her food when I added chicken and rice to her kibble! Later on I had to go to Santa Barbara and brought Luca with me so we could go and work somewhere new! We went to Shoreline Beach and worked on Place, Come, and Heel! She was a bit unsure about the new location but performed pretty well! We are still working on getting Luca out of her shell with baby steps! Good girl Luca!


Pupdate 10/29/21

Today Luca and I started the morning with an hour walk and worked on Down, Heel, Place, and Come. We also went to Santa Monica and worked in a higher distraction place to help her get used to people walking by while she practiced her duration. She did pretty well and stayed focused even though lots of people walked by! With her potty training, she is still being very reluctant to use the bathroom outside and hasn’t gone poop since Monday. When I take her out for her bathroom breaks, I spend up to an hour each time walking her back and forth on the grass to give her a chance to relieve herself and she still doesn’t go. Other than that, Luca has been such a sweetheart and very cuddly!


Pupdate 10/30/21

Today Luca and I started our morning with an hour walk around the neighborhood and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come. Her commands are coming along very nicely. I did try and hand feed her again this morning to see if she might want to eat from my hand instead, but wasn’t interested at all. She is drinking plenty of water just not eating. Later in the day we went to a crowded mall and worked on her duration while lots of kids ran around. She did good. For her dinner, I tried added more water to her food to see if she might eat when there is water, but she drank the water and left the food in the bowl. Luca doing great with her training, just trying to get her to feel comfortable using the bathroom outside and to get her eating her food.

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