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Lord Pierre | Labrador Mix | Montebello, CA | In- Training

Meet Lord Pierre, the Labrador Mix from Montebello, CA, who is here for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Lord Pierre is here because he likes to jump on people when saying hello, lacks table manners, really wants to play with small pups without respecting boundaries, digs potholes, has separation anxiety, doesn't listen unless he's being given a treat and is very vocal about his wants. Over the next two weeks, we will be working on obedience, house manners, greeting manners and doorway manners! Stay tuned for our progress!


Pupdate 10/23/2022

Lord Pierre and I have been taking time to get to know each other. He is a very sweet dog who seems to do well in any environment as he doesn't seem to mind the new city life. We have already begun working on some doorway manners as he tries to run in or out before me.

Daily Training Notes: Lord Pierre is acclimating to his new environment and working on door manners.


Pupdate 10/24/2022

Today Lord Pierre and I began working on “heel, place, sit and come to sit”. Pierre has been an absolute angel from the very start and has picked up walking at heel very quickly. He does seem to fixate on other dogs quite a bit but is good about staying at heel despite the distraction. He is very stable and does not mind walking by other pedestrians and loud vehicles. Despite being so tall, he hesitates to jump up into the crate in the car but we will be working on that day by day as we have a couple of training meetups planned! Being that he adapted so well to the new collar we used for walking, I placed the e-collar on him just to let him get comfortable with having It on. He already has a great grasp of doorway manners and the goal is to begin working on adding durations to his sits by the door. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on Heel, Come to sit, Place, sit and doorway manners

Today's Weigh In: 66.4 LB


Pupdate 10/25/2022

Today Lord Pierre and I made a trip out to Home Depot to work on “place, sit, extended sit, come to sit and heel”. He was slightly nervous about stepping up onto the steel ladder but followed up with me when I stepped up onto the ladder. He is such a great dog to handle and is responsive to encouragement. By the end of our training session, he was stepping up onto the ladder like he never even struggled with it in the beginning! We began adding durations to our sits and having him wait until asked to come and he is doing well. He has yet to “down” by himself or when asked so we will be working on teaching him to “down” on place. His “heel” is coming along nicely and he is so tall that there leaves no slack on the leash by my hand. We will be meeting with other trainers tomorrow at the park so stay tuned for that!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on Place, Heel, Sit and come to sit.

Today's Weigh in: 66 LBS


Pupdate 10/26/2022

Today Lord Pierre and I made a trip out to a park to meet with a couple of other Offleash SoCal trainers and we worked on “heel, sit, extended sit, come to sit and place”. Pierre has gotten so good at walking by my heel so I will slowly be removing leash pressure and moving him to e-collar work. He learns very quickly and is an absolute joy to train with. He still needs a bit of assistance with getting into the car and jumping up onto different objects so we will be working on building his confidence over the next few days. Pierre has been having a hard time going potty outside of the house since his arrival and had quite a few accidents indoors. He seems to be accustomed to going potty in the backyard where it’s quiet because he tends to get distracted during potty time. Despite the long walks, he has preferred going potty in his crate or in the living room. Hopefully, he will learn to adapt to going potty in public areas so that he won’t need another bath! He is also a tad bit stubborn about “down” but we will be incorporating the use of an elevated bed to help him practice “down” on his own. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on Heel, Sit, Extended sit, come to sit and Place.

Today's Weigh In: 66.2 LBS


Pupdate 10/27/2022

Today Pierre and I took an early 2 mile walk to practice “heel, sit, come to sit” and encourage him to potty outside in public while it was still quiet. I began refraining from using the leash to keep him at heel and have begun incorporating the e-collar as a tool to encourage him to heel. By the end of the walk, Pierre had gone potty outside!! I hope to keep this up to make it easier for him to go potty outside in the future. Once we got home, I introduced Pierre to “place” on the elevated bed and began working on our “downs”. Out of all the exercises Pierre and I have worked on, “down” would be the only one he dislikes. I used the leash to encourage him to “down” and relax on the elevated bed in the living room but he preferred to sit instead. I will most likely use food to lure him into a down for our next training session but for the rest of the day, Pierre will practice duration on the elevated bed. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Practiced down, place, heel, sit and come to sit.

Today's weigh in: 66.4 LBS


Pupdate 10/28/2022

Today Pierre and I went to visit a friend to work on greeting manners and our exercises with less leash guidance. I wasn’t able to get the greeting manners on video but we definitely got some great work done in the front yard. Pierre had once again pottied in his crate on the way to our meeting location and had to get another bath. He did not want to potty during his morning walk but did manage to potty during our evening walk. He definitely prefers to go potty during quieter hours. His “downs” are improving immensely but he is still slightly stubborn about it in the beginning. His “come to sit, heel and extended sits” are much nicer now and we will be moving to a long line to encourage him to work on his exercises with little to no leash pressure and add in more distance and duration to his exercises. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on down, heel, sit, extended sit and come to sit.

Weight: 66.2 LBs


Puptate 10/29/2022

Today Pierre and I went to the playground to do some fun obstacle work and heel, extended sits and downs, place and come to sit. Pierre is still working on his downs but his duration on his exercises are coming along nicely. He showed me a new side today when he started barking at other dogs so we'll be working on that as well. He was very good about practicing his exercises around children and I was very happy to see him greet a couple of strangers without jumping up. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on confidence building, heel, sit, down and place.

Weight: 66.3LBs


Pupdate 10/30/2022

Today Pierre and I worked on car load up manners after our morning training session. I had thought that this would be the most difficult exercise for Pierre because I still have to lift him up into the side crate in the vehicle. Pierre dislikes to jump up onto things and prefers to be on solid ground so with that in mind, I had brought out the big guns….THE HOTDOGS. I should have used luring sooner because Pierre did SO WELL with the lure! His love for food really helped me teach him the movements to the exercise and I am amazed with how well he did!! I first familiarized him with the pet ramp by having him walk across it while it was laid flat. I wanted Pierre to understand that he had to walk on the ramp and get used to the feeling of the rough texture under his paws. After placing the ramp up towards the crate, I guided him to the ramp and tossed in the food reward into the back of the crate! At first, he was unsure about the narrow pet ramp but with just a little bit of encouragement, he got it! After that, it was smooth sailing and in the end, he didn’t want to come out! As if he’d get more hot dog treats if he just stayed in there!! Stay tuned for more.

Daily training notes: Began working on car load up manners with other exercises.

Weight: 66.5 LBs


Pupdate 10/31/2022

Today Pierre and I went to the park for our morning session and worked on heel, place, sit, extended sit and down with a lot of other dogs around. We worked on all of our commands with little leash guidance and will soon be moving Pierre to off-leash work! We still need to work on our downs because he will only down with treats at the moment….

He did quite well around the other dogs and didn’t react like he did 2 days ago. We also worked on car load up manners without the ramp and he did well the first two times but tired out and stood in the back of the car as if he was waiting for me to scoop up his rear end to help him. Now that I know he can do it on his own, I will be working on helping him to jump up into the crate on his own. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on preparing him for off-leash work with all of his commands.

Today's Weigh in: 66.4LBs


Pupdate 11/1/2022

Today Pierre and I went to Citadel Outlets to work on all of our commands (sit, down, place, come to sit and heel) on leash and dragging the leash to prepare for his going home at the end of this week. He did really well with all of his commands and was an angel when greeting strangers. We will be going fully off-leash tonight as he's doing absolutely amazing. His downs are hit or miss but we will continue working on it! He tends to want to roll over a bit when he's going into a down (kind of a tantrum), but he's downing and that's what matters. His potty has gotten a lot better and we haven't had any accidents since the weekend! He is definitely getting used to going potty outside so I hope he continues to do so when he goes home! We have quite a fun day planned for tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on all of our commands with leash dragging and greeting manners.

Weight: 66.5LBs


Pupdate 11/2/2022

Today Pierre and I went to the park to work with other Offleash SoCal trainers. Pierre got to work with another trainer on all of his commands and he did so well! Truly made me proud by demonstrating that he performs all of his exercises with little to no leash guidance. We still had his leash dragging behind him because we haven't had the chance to take him completely off leash and I wanted to do that in a less distracting environment. Pierre did very well on his "down" exercise on a table but still had a hard time downing on the ground. We will continue to work on that but major improvement for Pierre! Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked with another trainer on all of his commands with leash dragging.

Weight: 66.8 LBs


Pupdate 11/3/2022

Pierre and I went to Citadel to practice all of our commands off-leash to prepare for our final video and turnover day. Pierre’s exercises are really coming together but he did take some getting used to being completely off-leash. The duration on his extended sits are phenomenal but in very Pierre-like fashion, our “downs” have been a little bit of a struggle. Once he does go into a down, he’s able to work well on his duration. He did growl at a pair of Pomeranians but within good reason, as they were barking at him aggressively. He was told “off” and we moved on with our exercises like nothing happened. We are still working on having Pierre jump up into the crate in the car and it’s been a hit or miss. Sometimes he will feel too tired after a training session to make it up on his own but the secret is out. I know he can do it so we’ll keep working towards a more consistent “load up”! Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on all commands offleash at Citadel!

Weight: 67.1 LBs


Pupdate 11/4/2022

Today and Pierre and I went to the park in the morning for our session and worked on all of our off-leash exercises (sit, down, come to sit, place and heel) and emphasized our work on extended downs on place. It was going great until there were a lot of off-leash dogs interrupting our training so we finished our training session at my friend’s house! I want to note that Pierre was able to hold his down on place when a dog came to interrupt our session and I was able to take that moment to ask the owner to grab their dog. At my friend’s place, we were able to have Pierre practice his place in another house and greeting manners! It’s getting ever so close to his turnover day and he is probably so excited to see his mom and show off all the things he has learned. Stay tuned for more!

Daily Training Notes: Worked on all of our commands off-leash.


Pupdate 11/4/2022

Today Pierre and I went to Citadel once again to practice our off-leash work! The outlet was extremely busy and I was very nervous because a crowd of that size would confuse any dog. Pierre did better than I had hoped and expected and he held his “extended down” and “extended sit” amidst all of the chaos!! He did get confused about which Ieg to follow when we got caught  up in a crowd, but quickly found me when I called out to him. After our session at Citadel, we worked on our doorway manners and food manners at home. He goes home tomorrow so we are beyond excited! 



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