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Lola | Collie - Lab Mix | Los Angeles, Ca | In- Training

Meet Lola! The 1 year old Collie Lab Mix from Los Angeles, Ca! Lola is a smart girl, she loves to play, and loves kids! She joined Off Leash SoCal for the Three Week Board and Train Program to work on her leash pulling, learn Basic manners, and build her confidence. Stay tuned for her 21 day transformation!


Pupdate: 12/12/21

Lola girl adapted quickly on our walk with her pulling. She’s was too distracted to use the restroom being around a different outdoor environment. But did eat her food and adapted well to her space. So far the Milk Bone treat has got her attention I’ll use it next time to gain eye contact for a photo! Check back tomorrow for Lola’s 1st lesson!


Pupdate: 12/13/21

Lola was a good girl for her first night! She did well for her first lesson as well! Today we introduced her to the place command to help loosen her up and build come confidence in her. She did a great job holding her extended command. Lola still hasn’t opened up completely but something tells me that will change in the next few days! Check back tomorrow for more pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 12/14/21

Lola got a chance to play on the play ground before the rain came down! We worked a lot on her eye contact and building her confidence. She seemed pretty comfortable going on to the toy and it took a lot of encouragement to get her to hold her extended sit. She‘s a great cuddle buddy during this chilly weather! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pupdate and stay warm!


Pupdate: 12/15/21

Lola girl did good with her walk out in public today! She heeled the whole time without pulling! She’s still a little shy but does well with encouragement. Keep up the good work Lola! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 12/16/21

Lola did great with her extended sit and place commands. She did good with her eye contact until the camera came out. I'm starting to think she likes to show her good side rather than look at the camera! Lola Is starting to open up I believe it’s safe to say,“Lola has a friend in me!” Tune back in tomorrow for more adventures!


Pupdate: 12/17/21

Lola was a good girl today with her commands. She lacked confidence in the beginning until she started to place on higher objects. That brought out the confidence in her and I believe place just might be her favorite command.


Pupdate: 12/18/21

Lola did such a good job working on her commands today. I’m seeing daily progress on her eye contact! She really enjoyed today’s adventure and our bond as gotten stronger! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/19/21

Lola is a lot more comfortable and confident! She did well with her commands outside. We are working twice as hard to get her to respond while inside as well! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 12/20/21

Today was a little challenging for Lola with so much distractions being the start of the holiday week! She did good on her extended sit, down, place and her under command! She still struggles a little with the correct position on her heel command. She has her moments where she lags behind and other times she tries to lead. Tomorrow we will make sure we do a lot of walking! Make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdate: 12/21/21

Today was a lot better than yesterday and Lola did a great job today with all her commands while letting the leash drag behind her! She’s gained a lot of confidence and enjoys her training! Keep up the good work Lola!

Pupdate: 12/21/21

Lola did a better job with her heel today and staying close! She did an excellent job with her greeting manners. Lola loves the kids! She’s gotten a lot more confidence with her under command and loves to just hand out! Check back tomorrow for more progress!

Pupdate: 12/23/2

Lola did a great job working off leash today! she’s gained so much confidence and responds with great eye contact when recalled. Her favorite command is place! Check back tomorrow for more adventures!

Pupdate: 12/24/21

It’s Christmas Eve and Lola has noticed a nice smelly snack under the tree with her name on it! She is doing a great job leaving it be even though she can hardly wait! She’s doing a good job with her commands and has gotten a lot more responsive inside the house as well! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Christmas Pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/25/21

Merry Christmas! Lola loved her gift from Santa this morning! She received a long braided chew for being such a good girl during her training! She did a great job working off leash and training on her greeting manners today! Keep up the good work Lola! Lola says hello and Merry Christmas!


Pupdate: 12/26/21

Lola did a great job giving eye contact today! She did well holding her commands even when her name is called to check in! She’s definitely got the hang of all her commands and enjoys her adventures! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 12/27/21

Lola is doing a great job on her commands! She’s gotten a lot better with her eye contact and checking in. Her heel command too has made great improvements and shows it through her confidence! Great job Lola girl!


Pupdate: 12/28/21

Lola is doing a great job with her commands and she’s definitely got the hang of her photo shoot poses! She enjoys going on adventures and she’s soo much better on evening walks off leash! Check back for more pupdate fun!



Lola is a super star and received so many compliments on her behavior! She’s became a good listener and gives great eye contact. Lola girl is on a roll! Keep up the good work!


Pupdate: 12/30/21

Today we played a game of “Where’s Lola!” She did a great job with her under command and her extended place! Its good to see her smile even on grey days! Check back for tomorrow’s pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/31/21

Happy new years Eve! Lola girl is ready for the countdown and to bring in the new year with her new self! She has gained so much knowledge through out her training and made progress by the day! Great job Lola!


Pupdated: 1/1/21

Happy New year! Lola girl started her day executing all her commands off leash! She even passed her CGC test today. Yay Lola!! Something tells me this year is going to be a good one for her! She is super excited to come home and she can’t wait to show her family her new skills! Great job Lola you get and A+!


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