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Lola | 1 1/2 year old | Lagotto Romagnolo | Santa Ana CA | In Training


Day of Drop off

Meet Lola the Crazy name Italian water dog, she may look like a poodle but don’t be mistaken she is a Lagotto Romagnolo. Lola comes to Off leash K-9 because mom and dad have a young family, and mom wants to feel confident in the dogs ability to hold commands when dad isn’t around. Because Lola is a pure hunting dog in nature she is really obedient to scents, and just about everything other than what mom and dad want her to do. So while she’s in my care I’m going to focus on what drives her and harness that drive into basic commands. She will shape up into an Olympic athlete in no time, stand by for her amazing transformation.


Pupdate #1


Pupdate #2

Lola day 2 of training. Lola does really well at jumping up on a place object and holding a sit very nicely. We are focusing on her

confidence with place, as well as heeling on leesh so walks are more pleasant.


Pupdate #3

Lola loves to jump of on different place objects.



Pupdate 09/04/19

Door manners with Lola.


Pupdate 09/05/2019


Pupdate 09/06/2019


Pupdate 09/07/19


Pupdate 09/10/2019


Pupdate 09/11/19


Pupdate 09/12/19


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