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Loki | Shepherd Mix | Simi Valley, CA | In-Training

This is Loki, a 7 month old Shepard mix. She is here for our 2 week board and train program with the main concern of pulling on the leash. She even broke her mommy's toes playing a couple days ago while playing. Loki is a cute and loving pup who just needs some basic guidance to be the best Loki she can be! She loves her mommy so there is separation anxiety. Mom and dad would love company over at the house but feel like they cannot because of Loki's behavior. During the next two weeks, you will see her great pawsome transformation!


PUPDATE 11/16/2020


PUPDATE 11/17/2020

Loki and my other training dog, a labrador retriever Vera.

My flash made all the dog's eyes look funny with some hues on their eyes. Loki did not develop a green eye here!


PUPDATE 11/18/2020

Enjoying some leisure time with me

Checking things out with Mira


PUPDATE 11/19/2020


PUPDATE 11/20/2020


PUPDATE 11/21/2020

I want you to notice when we start in the heel she tries to go to my left side but I quickly move her to my right side because my hand was in the position be able to move her correctly if needed. This is why it is very important for you to practice the leash manipulation so it will be an easy transition for you. I also want you to notice that when she got out of the command I put her back in the command right after she broke it.


PUPDATE 11/22/2020

Had her "back-tied" to a tree which means I strung the 15-foot leash around the tree so she would not go anywhere and we practiced distance sit and she whined a little bit but kept the command for about 2 minutes while I walked by her and around her.

Can you see Loki?

While we were doing heel, she looks at me like this about 60% of the time

Inspired by The Queen's Gambit

One of the dogs we saw on the way back from the park. Came across large and small dogs. Every time she started to notice the dogs, I increased the stim in preparation of a reaction from her. Every time she looked up at me instead of focusing on the dog, I praised her a lot as we walked by. Did not bark or lunge at the other dogs but definitely was making sure of where they were.


PUPDATE 11/23/2020


PUPDATE 11/24/2020

Also worked on walking by different dogs with the leash dragging behind us and she did very well.


PUPDATE 11/25/2020


PUPDATE 11/26/2020


PUPDATE 11/27/2020


PUPDATE 11/28/2020

Licking her lips because she knows she gets dinner after Placing on the scale!


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