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Loki | German Shepherd | Camarillo, CA | In-Training

This is Loki, a 3.5 year old German Shepherd from Camarillo, CA here for our three week Board and Train program. Loki is a very goofy dog with a passion for his tennis ball and fascination with chasing butterflies and lizards. He is here to work on his distraction work as he gets very rambunctious with other dogs around. Loki is a very tall and big dog and his owner is not sure if he realizes his size! Loki will conquer this and much more so stay tuned for his pawesome transformation!

We will work on his camera taking skills!!


PUPDATE 8/9/2021

We are also working on Door manners and crate manners because he tends to push his nose to open things.


PUPDATE 8/10/2021

He had no problem with different Place objects. His Come to Sit is not perfect but he knows what to do. Touched very briefly on Down today and he did well.


PUPDATE 8/11/2021


PUPDATE 8/12/2021


PUPDATE 8/13/2021


PUPDATE 8/14/2021

We walked by two small white dogs that were barking at him as we were about 30 feet away from them and I just told him "Heel" and used the e collar and he focused. As long as you give him a task and not let him think about the little white dogs, it seems to improve his ability to be friendly. When the little dogs stopped barking and we got further and further away, I praised him a lot and pet his back and ears and he liked it because that is important to him; seeing his "owner" happy.


PUPDATE 8/15/2021


PUPDATE 8/16/2021


PUPDATE 8/17/2021


PUPDATE 8/18/2021

Loki did not pay any attention to the little dog in the background!


PUPDATE 8/19/2021

Now that he has no diarrhea, I am going to start increasing his food intake due to his decrease weight over the past 2 weeks.


PUPDATE 8/20/2021

Goofy smile!


PUPDATE 8/21/2021


PUPDATE 8/22/2021


PUPDATE 8/23/2021


PUPDATE 8/24/2021


PUPDATE 8/25/2021

Great Under!


Knocked out!


PUPDATE 8/26/2021


PUPDATE 8/27/2021

Loki waiting patiently until my dog goes potty


PUPDATE 8/28/2021

Sneak Peak of his final video!!

Also I went to Lazy dog with him at the Collections in Oxnard and he did very well but hated the flies that were touching him!


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