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Lj | American Akita | Reseda, CA | In-Training

Meet Miss Lj! She’s a Nine month old American Akita from Reseda, CA. She’s here for a 2 week Board and Train program to Gain confidence and to learn basic obedience. She tends to run away, is afraid of people, and doesn’t listen. She’s very loyal and a sweet girl! Stay tuned for her two week transformation.

Today Lj and I got to know each other over at the park. Worked on her recall, tried to get her comfortable with me. She only ate a little bit but that’s normal when getting used to a new environment.


Pupdate: 07/13/2021

Today Lj worked on her heel. She did very well, still trying to get used to one another. Worked on Her sit with people distractions. She’s progressing and can’t wait to see how Far we get!

Lj has been coming out of her shell a bit. She’s still nervous about most things but is slowly progressing. Eating bits throughout the day, she hasn’t used the restroom since her pick up yesterday but I consistently take her out for her potty breaks.


Pupdate: 07/14/2021

Having some fun at the park! She’s still nervous around people but we are pushing through it. She is doing better with her down, Sit and heel. She finally loaded herself up today which is a big step!!


Pupdate: 07/15/2021

Today we worked more on our heel, introducing Lj to more distractions to help her through them. She has been doing good!


Pupdate: 07/16/2021

Having some fun at the park with the kids! Lj working on her confidence, worked through her people distractions.

Proud of Lj! Doing better each day. Can’t wait to see her final transformation!

Lj has been improving everyday. Her stool is still watery, she doesnt have an appetite, doing my best to give her rice with her food to get her some food in her system.


Pupdate: 07/17/2021

Enjoyed the park today! Lj has been improving with her Distractions. Today we worked in place, then trying to hold the command. It takes time introduding an object but consistency is key!


Pupdate: 07/18/2021

Lj enjoyed the park, working through our people distractions. Holding her place commands. Shes doing such a good job!!

Lj working on her down with mulitple distractions, she’s been doing good! Testing her having her hold her down.

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