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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Training Tips for Your Boxer/Husky Mix in Orange, CA

Lily, a 5 year old Boxer/Husky Mix from Orange, recently completed Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Dog Training Program. Lily was trained by dog trainer Sheena Chavez. See Lily’s progress below.

Training Pupdates:

Lily is a 5 year old boxer/husky mix who has joined us for our 2 week Board and Train Program. She is extremely lovable but lacks social manners. When meeting new people and dogs she loves to jump and give kisses. Unfortunately, that causes her to get over excited and doesn’t know when to stop resulting with her getting into some trouble. Lily has a very high prey drive and is extremely strong, when distracted she loses all interest in her owners commands leaving them unable to control her. Below you can see Lily’s progress.


Pupdate 10/14/19

Above is the video of the day of Lily's drop off.

Lily loves the space to run and sniff around. She is adjusting well familiarizing herself with her surroundings.


Pupdate 10/15/2019

About an hour into working with her and she is pooped! Learning new commands is making her stay focused and causing her to use her brain more. She really needed a break so I decided I’d take one with her too.


Pupdate 10/16/2019

Lily is working on her "Come & Sit" command. When calling Lily to come we want her to immediately come to our right, loop behind us to then sit directly on our left. "Break" is her release command. Until she hears the release command she is not allowed to "break" or move from her commanded position. Note: Lily does very well on giving eye contact!


Pupdate 10/17/19

Head scratches are her favorite things during our break/relax time

Posing for her model shots, such a beautiful girl!


Pupdate 10/18/2019

We are practicing Lily's heeling working towards getting her off leash. She sometimes gets a bit distracted and starts to drift off but will come back into line with a leash correction.


Pupdate 10/19/20

Lily loved our trip to the Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden. Adventures are her most favorite thing!

She also loves getting some nose kisses


Pupdate 10/20/2019

Here we are practicing Lily's Extended Sit and Extended Down. She is learning to hold her sitting or down position and waiting till she hears her next command. I was quick to find out she would much rather lay down and be cozy than sit.


Pupdate 10/21/2019

Sitting pretty in front of the fountains thinking to herself “Is it time for a break?”

Post adventure just snoozing away on the car ride home. She definitely takes advantage of all the napping time available


Pupdate 10/22/2019

Lily has learned her "Place" command. This is used when you want her to get onto an object, for example her bed, and remain in a sitting or down position on that specified object. Like all other commands she has to hold her position until she is given her next command or told to "break".


Pupdate 10/23/2019

In this video you can find Lily remaining in her commanded down position while we have another dog walk circles around her. This was the first time Lily and the German Shepard met and like usual there was a lot of over excitement. Exercises such as this one is helping desensitize her to listening while there are more interesting subjects around.


Pupdate 10/24/2019

"Is this what we are having for dinner?" Last night Lily joined in on our dinner to BJ's Restaurant. She did VERY well! We were sat in the middle of the restaurant (indoors) at a booth table. See quick video clip below...

While we were having dinner she remained underneath the table, she didn't beg for food, didn't try and sit on the booth and didn't bug any of the waiters or other guests. Overall, she demonstrated a modeled citizen of a dog out at a restaurant!


Pupdate 10/25/2019

Lily and her new puppy pals hanging out doing some people watching. The other pups pictures are also part of our board and train program. They love helping each other practice!


Pupdate 10/26/2019

Here is a little sneak preview of Lily showing off her new Off Leash skills out in public. I'm sure she can't wait to return back home to her family tomorrow morning and demonstrate all the amazing things shes learned.


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