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Lila | Maltipoo | Nine months old | Los Angeles, CA. | In-Training

Lilia originally came at eight weeks, went through puppy training, but is back as he has become more defiant with his owners.

Pupdate 09/21/2019

So not the best video quality at all, but I think you get the idea. His heel with me great, but we aren't having the same issues that we had yesterday, and that you have described. He will be getting plenty of opportunities to practice all the commands..

Pupdate 09/23/2019

We introduced the E-Collar today. Lila can be seen reacting to it. He operates at about 5-15% of the power of the collar.

Today we were working on come and sit. We as always spent lots of time on the heel.

Lila can be seen trying to scoot closer to me; this is another attempt at trying to dominate me. While it may look cute this is an inhibitor to proper training and proper execution of the commands. I'm attempting to curb his desire to continually do this.

Pupdate 09/24/2019

Lila was nice enough to walk my son Henry to school yesterday. Still not what I want from Lila, but an improvement over prior days.

Pupdate 09/25/2019

Still with work to do Lila has gotten much better in a few short days.

Pupdate 09/26/2019

Sorry about the length of the video. I had intended to compress the heel portions, but camera software dictates that I do it before exporting to computer- I figure as film makers you could understand the frustration.

So Lila is rocking along with his training. I plan to introduce more distractions in tomorrow's training including toys from your daughter. He still is reluctant to down when I want. He still is possessive over me; making me nuts!

Pupdate #2 09/27/2019

So, we had a moment yesterday when Lila lost his mind. Smaller, louder dog, barking like crazy, seemed to really undo Lila. This morning I took Lila to the little dog park and yes, sure enough, Lila reacted as if he was going to get eaten by a dog smaller than him.

I stopped by the skatepark as canines are normally reactive to things that make noise and move quickly. You can see that Lila is perched on my lap (not my choice), breathing is heavy, and he is looking around very alertly, despite the fact that nothing got closer than seven feet. Lila needs to work on his socialization skills now that he is more controllable.

Pupdate 09/29/2019



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