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Latte | Golden Retriever | La Habra, CA | In-Training

Meet Latte! She is a 14 month old Golden Retriever from La Habra California. She is here with her brother Biscuit for our Three Week Board and Train program! She is a very sweet and happy girl but her playful spirit is always getting her into trouble! She gets really mouthy when excited, loves to take things she knows aren't hers for attention, and she pulls like crazy especially when she is with her brother! Stay tuned for her 21 day transformation!


Pupdate 03/07/2021

Miss Latte is doing so great on her first day!! We are already getting her heel and her recall down with little to no leash tension, she is doing awesome at eye contact, and is just such a happy girl. We worked on just about all her basics to build a foundation between us and start getting the tools ready so I can take her out and about with bigger distractions! She ate all her dinner, nicely took her medications, and has been an absolute angel in the kennel! I am so excited to get started with this girl!


Pupdate 03/08/2021

We upped the ante on miss Latte today! We went and worked at the park and did a quick how-to for you on her recall command. She was definitely a bit distracted by all the grass to eat and dogs walking by but all in all did really great for her second day! She is still eating great, taking her meds like a champ, and being an angel in the kennel. She made quite a bit of progress on her Heel command, is getting better and better at distinguishing the difference between her Sit and Down commands, and starting to hold all of them for longer chunks of time.


Pupdate 03/09/2021

Latte had an awesome session at Home Depot today! She was pretty overwhelmed at first and defaulted to being all over the place but after a few minutes of working she fell into the swing of things! She even got a couple compliments on how well behaved she is and she's only day 3! She is still eating, sleeping, pottying, and taking her meds well. She is one sweet girl!


Pupdate 03/10/2021

Miss Latte is doing great! She helped me film an instructional video on her Place command let me know if you have any questions at all! She is learning so quickly and having so much fun! She is such a sweet girl!


Pupdate 03/11/2021

Miss Latte is doing so well! We conquered duck, squirrel, and dog distractions at the duck park. We also introduced some difficulty to some of her commands with some extra distance and durations. She is also expanding her understanding of her Heel command, her auto sit and auto side correct are coming along so nicely!


Pupdate 03/12/2021

Miss Latte had a very challenging session today! She worked at the park with a bunch of new friends! She worked on all of her commands and helped make a video on her Heel command. She is a total rockstar and I am so proud of all the progress she is making everyday.


Pupdate 3/13/2021

We did our best to keep our distance from everyone at the outdoor mall today! Miss Latte practiced a bit of everything and did awesome. She barely needed the leash at all! I am so proud of how well she did. It was definitely a bit more stimulation than the baby girl is used to but she handled it like a champ and ended up taking a very long and well deserved nap in result!


Pupdate 03/14/2021

Miss Latte was a busy girl today! We did a session at an outdoor shopping center, and evening walk around the neighborhood, and she got to meet and play with a new friend Mr. Nico! We practiced a bit too much of her side corrections/come to Heel today so in her evening walk she was doing a ton of wrapping (when I recall or sit her she wants to come in front), but we will work on it tomorrow!


Pupdate 03/15/2021

Miss Latte had a lighter day today. She got a bunch of play time with Mr. Nico, did some work on her house manners, and then did an evening session at a shopping center to get used to working in darker lighting. We don't want her thinking she only has to listen when the sun is up! She did awesome! We did some extreme distances and started adding longer durations and she is learning it all like a champ!


Pupdate 03/16/2021

Miss Latte did another meet up with some friends today! She got to meet a new pup named Stitch and he and another friend both helped her learn how to heel with another pup on the other side to prepare for walking with Mr. Biscuit! She is doing so well and is soooo much fun to take around these days!


Pupdate 03/17/2021

Miss Latte practiced at the outdoor mall today! It was apparently a little too early in the afternoon so there wasn't quite as many people as I'd been hoping for, but that let me practice all a ton of duration and distance with her! She is such a smart sweet girl. She got stares, pointing, and comments from everyone who saw her today! We also discovered that the baby girl seems to like to dig so I worked on that a bit in the evening by burying things of interest in the backyard and using light taps from the collar from my kitchen window anytime she started to dig.


Pupdate 03/18/2021

Man oh man is this baby girl starting to look sharp!! She did so awesome in her session at an outdoor mall today. I could not be prouder of how much she is learning and working through every single time I take her out!


Pupdate 03/19/2021

Miss Latte had a long day with a bunch of new friend today out in Beverly Hills! We worked on just about everything and she did fantastic. We heeled with several other dogs, sometimes right next to them with another handler as well as me handling her and another on my left just like it will be when she comes home! She is really such a sweet sharp girl and in particular I was so proud of how calm and laid back she was today! I got a comment from a passerby exclaiming how she WISHED so bad that her dog could be as calm as miss Latte among so much commotion.


Pupdate 03/20/2021

Miss Latte working off leash at the Huntington Pier! She had such a long session today and was absolutely tanked at the end! She got a ton of practice, a ton of compliments, and so many new wins!


Pupdate 03/21/2021

Miss Latte did her whole Home Depot lesson without her leash! We did some confidence building by Placing on some "scary" objects like a paint bucket!! We also did a backyard session working on some of her around the house manners, like not taking things off tables and not digging holes!


Pupdate 03/22/2021

Miss Latte worked really hard on a new command today called Under! It is very easy for her to confuse with Place, as it is the reverse (go under instead of on). I think it might be her favorite one, besides break that is! She did a park session this morning during which an older gentleman came all the way across the park just to say how absolutely perfect she is!


Pupdate 03/23/2021

Miss Latte worked at the outdoor shopping center with some friends today! She didn't need her leash a single time and practiced all of her commands! She is going to be starting to film her final video the next couple days and I couldn't be more excited!


Pupdate 03/24/2021

Reunited at last! These two worked together at the Huntington Beach Pier and knocked it out of the park! After some much missed playtime together ofcourse. They heeled with both me and Wyatt incredibly well, off leash, past all kinds of distractions! We then practiced a little bit of all their other commands just to get them used to working together.


Pupdate 03/25/2021

Miss Latte did a semi-relaxed session at an outdoor shopping center, so that she will have lots of energy for tomorrow's big final video shoot! I am going to miss this girl so much, but it is going to be so much fun to show her off to Mom on Sunday!


Pupdate 03/26/2021

A sneek peak of of Miss Latte's final video!! She did wonderfully at Hollywood Blvd. today!


Pupdate 03/27/2021

MIss Latte is all packed up and ready to go home tomorrow!! We are going to miss her soo much, but I can't wait to get to show her off to her momma!

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