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Lady | English Bulldog | Los Angeles, CA

Lady​, the ​English Bulldog​ from ​Los Angeles​, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Two Week Board & Train Program. Lady was trained by ​Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA​.

We are welcoming Lady to the pack today as she joins Off Leash for a whole lot of obedience training. Lady is an extra rambunctious young bulldog who loves to do her own thing. She's very stubborn so getting her to respond to commands can be difficult. We will be working on her listening skills and learning some leash manners. We're excited to get her started!

Pupdate 04/20/2020

Lady on our pack walk today. She is very wild on the leash so we have began the use of a sprenger and E-collar during our walks to limit her pulling. She is certainly a stubborn girl so it's taking some practice to get her to relax and walk normally on the leash.

Puodate 04/21/2020

Lady took less time to get used to the E-collar today and began respecting its correction faster than she did yesterday. She still throws a bit of a tantrum at first but after some warming up with the commands is a little more willing to work with me. She is much less likely to fight the sit command after a nice long walk so we get our cardio on before command training.

Pupdate 04/22/2020

Lady hanging out in the shade cooling down after a long walk full of heel practice. She is getting better at walking on a leash with the E-Collar.

Pupdate 04/23/2020

Getting Lady to sit on command has been no easy task. She is certainly a stubborn English bulldog and gives some attitude but is willing to sit once I prove I am more stubborn than she is.

Pupdate 04/24/2020

Lady and I out beating the heat early this morning getting a jump start on our first walk and then another pre lunch walk before the heat wave hit. Now training indoors practicing some sit and enjoying the air conditioning.

Pupdate 04/25/2020

Pupdate 04/26/2020

Lady out on our evening walk. It’s much cooler so she can walk a bit farther early in the morning and in the evening/night time. Lady is improving with her heel skills but still gets moody and tries to fight completing her commands sometimes. In these times the E-Collar is crucial to push through her stubbornness and be consistent.

Pupdate 04/27/2020

Pupdate 04/28/2020

Lady hasn't had any accidents while with me. She is very good about alerting when she needs to be let out to go potty. She learned where her spot to go here at my house was very quickly. We have kept a solid routine for her eating and potty schedule.

Pupdate 04/29/2020

Off Leash today walking around the neighborhood and park. Lady is great with her off leash come and sit along with her heel command. We are still trying get her to lay down but she loves to fight with all of her willpower so patience has been the name of the game.

Pupdate 04/30/2020

Lady on our walk this morning off leash. We have been practicing lots off heel and she has been learning how to go off leash without walking in front of me or straying off to her own path. With light use of the E-Collar she is able to make it through entire walks off leash with moderate corrections from the E-Collar keeping her close to your side. She is starting to nail her auto sit, meaning when I come to a stop so does she and she sits until we begin to continue walking again. Consistency is key with this stubborn girl but the results are worth the patience.

Pupdate 05/01/2020

Lady out off leash showing her place and duration down skills off. She is very smart and knows what you're asking her when you send her to place. Though her stubborn English bulldog side starts to show when you work her for too long. This is when use of the E-Collar becomes a vital tool in breaking through her sass. She also gets tired/ out of breath rather quickly so shorter training sessions of 30-45 minutes at a time are required to prevent over doing things. Waiting to hear the "break command so she can come running to me.



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