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Kopol | Australian Labradoodle | Santa Monica, CA | In Training

Meet Kopol! He is a 9 month old Australian Labradoodle from Santa Monica, CA. He is a sweet and gentle boy who is here for a One Week Board and Train Program because he pulls on walks, jumps on strangers, nips, and doesn't come when called. Stay tuned for his 7 day transformation!


Pupdate 08/29/2020

Kopol is settling in! He did really well on the car ride over and really loves exploring the backyard! He is having a bit of anxiety in the kennel, which is totally natural for a pup that hasn't been kennel trained. He had a bit to much going on to be hungry for dinner, also totally normal! We have done some introductions to me and space and I am so excited for his first lesson tomorrow!


Pupdate 08/30/2020

Mr. Kopol is doing awesome! He has had a bit of kennel anxiety, but nothing we can't handle! We worked on some E-collar introduction and getting to know each other. His personality is really coming out and he is such a sweetheart! He still hasn't eaten much (has nibbled on about a 1/4 of whats been offered) but thats not out of the ordinary or overly concerning.

Pupdate 08/31/2020

Kopols lesson went awesome today! He got through all the Recall and Heel fundamentals and even did some Heeling with his leash on the ground! He still isn't eating as much as I'd like him to be, but we will bring out the big guns tomorrow if he still hasn't found his appetite! He is getting accustomed to the kennel really well! He slept like a baby through the whole night and only had minimal anxiety about it when he was in there during the day. He is such a sweet silly boy, he just wants to hang out in my lap and play!


Pupdate | 09/01/2020

Mr. Kopol was working really hard today! He made a friend and practiced his Heel, Sit, Recall, and Place commands with her! He is doing awesome with his kennel and is even starting to eat a little more.


Pupdate 09/02/2020

Kopol helped me make a video explaining how to practice his recall to sit command! Please do let me know if you have any questions. He worked really hard today! He went with me to a trainer meet up and worked around a bunch of other dogs and distractions. He is looking really good!


Pupdate 09/03/2020

Kopol made some serious progress today. He worked on some duration and distance for all of his stationary commands (Place, Sit, and Down) plus some high level Heeling! He is on his way to being ready to go home this weekend! We start filming for his final video tomorrow and I couldn't be prouder!


Pupdate 09/04/2020

Kopol helped me make a video teaching his Heel today! He also filmed the bulk of his final video. He has grown so much over the last week and he is going to be over the moon to show mom this weekend!


Pupdate 09/05/2020

Kopol is all ready and packed up to go home tomorrow! He practiced a little bit of everything today at the park just for fun. A little girl was absolutely fascinated with how well he was doing and pointed him out to her parents, who commented on what a great pup he is!


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