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Koosh | Labradoodle | Los Angeles, CA | Boarding

Meet Koosh! Koosh is a 4 year old Labradoodle from Los Angeles, CA! He went through our Two Week Board and Train Program and he’s joining us for boarding! Koosh is a super sweet and fun guy who is ready for a couple days of fun! Stay tuned and check out his adventure!


Pupdate 2/22/2022

Koosh and I spent the day getting to know each other! We went on a walk and he was able to sniff and play on a nice grassy area! He is adjusting well to his kennel and still remembers a lot of his commands! He ate all of his food and had some play time before bed! Overall, he is being a good boy!


Pupdate 2/23/2022

Koosh started his day by having a long walk before his breakfast! He is such a good boy! He was really interested in all of the people walking their dogs and the neighborhood cats. Koosh spent most of his day playing and relaxing with me in my home! He was really curious about his new environment but soon settled quickly! He did have some play time with my personal dogs and took a nap while we watched a movie. It took some time for Koosh to get used to me, he is still a bit shy. He adjusted really well to his kennel and has no problem going in on command! He is such a good boy! Koosh drank plenty of water today and went potty like normal!


pupdate 2/24/2022

Koosh loved going on a walk today since we took a different path and he was able to see new people. We brushed up a bit on his commands, he did amazing! Koosh had some off leash fun today at a local park! He had a bit of the zoomies today and loved running in the grass. We ended the day with some play time at home! Koosh is such a good boy!


Pupdate 3/3/2022

Koosh and I spend the day playing at a local park off leash. In between our play time, we worked on freshening up his ‘recall’ as well as some of his other commands! Koosh did a lot of running at the park today and was so tired when we went back home! Koosh spent some time lounging in my home and loved rolling around my carpet! Koosh went potty like normal and ate all of his dinner! He is such a good boy!


Pupdate 3/4/2022

Koosh and I went on a long walk around my neighborhood! Koosh was in a really great mood this morning and wanted to play. We went to a local park where he was able to run and stretch his legs. He did get tired after a while and just laid in the grass while he watched other dogs and their owners. He was able to lounge in my home today while I finished some work. He is such a good boy! He ate all of his breakfast and dinner and drank plenty of water.


Pupdate 3/5/2022

Koosh started his morning with a walk around my neighborhood. We took a different route today and he was really eager to smell new smells. It was really windy today so we spent majority of our time in my home! He was able to play with some of my pups before he got too tired and took a nap. He is being such a good boy and adjusted to being back with me perfectly! Koosh ate all of his breakfast and dinner.


Pupdate 3/6/2022

Koosh and I spend our day working on some of his commands while out for a walk. He did such a good job and is so smart. He was able to play off leash at the park today and listened really well when I recalled him! He enjoyed some time exploring my back yard before dinner. He ate all of his breakfast and dinner but did leave a couple of kibble pieces behind! Koosh is such a good boy!


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