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Kona | Siberian Husky | Los Angeles, CA - In Training

Update #8

Such a proper ”Sit” in public while kids run around the fountain!


Update #7

Thanksgiving training session with the kids! They were doing some jumping jacks and acting like goof balls being the biggest distraction while Kona was doing a perfect “Sit”!


Update #6

Today i had some neighbors walk their dogs back and forth using them as distractions while Kona was OFF LEASH! She did great!


Update #5

Did an amazing job today doing some OFF LEASH distance training during our walk around the neighborhood! She’s getting better and better!


Update #4

Learning some door manners today! Knowing that if she sees the front door open, it doesn’t mean to go out at her free will. Making progress!!


Update #3

Today we’re learning some house manners while welcoming some guest! She is displaying a “Place“ command.


Update #2

Today was a consistent success running through her new commands!


Update #1

Her first day of training started with a Huge smile!

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