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Kona | English Brown Labrador | Oak Park, CA | In-Training

Meet Kona, a 13 month old, English Brown Labrador coming to Offleash SoCal from Oak Park, Ca. for a Two-Week Board and Train program. Kona is super sweet and very friendly with people, but tends to pull on her leash when other dogs get close and can be inconsistent at times following basic commands. Additionally, Kona has been known not to come when called. Over the next 14 days we will show Kona how to behave on and off leash and become the best pup possible. Stay tuned for Kona's Two-Week transformation.


Pupdate 10-09-2022

Kona's first day of training. Working on obedience commands such as "heel", "sit" and "down". Kona is showing tremendous potential, but there is room for improvement. Kona was able to follow "sit" and "down" commands, but consistency is our goal. Kona and I are both extremely excited about the next 13 days of training.


Pupdate 10-10-2022

Today Kona worked with a new trainer. In the video you can see Kona practice her recall (also known as Come to Sit) and her Heel. When we recall Kona, we cue her with Come. Kona is to come to our right side, loop behind us, and sit directly on our left hand side. Readying her for the Heel command.

When we start walking/heeling we cue Heel and take that first step. Every time we change pace, change direction or if Kona creates tension on the leash, we repeat Heel.

For both recall (once she is in a sit) and Heel, Kona has a sweet spot/bobble to stay in. Essentially, keeping her ears in line with our left leg.


Pupdate 10-11-2022

Today was Konas 3rd day of training. Kona and I went to a local park to work on “heel”, “sit”, “down” and “place” commands. Kona is progressing very nicely with her “heel”, “sit” and “down” commands, but struggled a little at first with her “place” command. I used a concrete bench and table plus some bleachers to work on the “place” command.

She needs a lot of work on building her confidence on her placing objects.

Kona is a sweet girl who is working extremely hard to master her commands Stay tuned for Day 4.


Pupdate 10-12-2022

Kona and I spent her 4th day of training working on her “heel”, “sit” and “down” commands. Kona and I decided to take a 4 mile walk (roundtrip) to Starbucks. Kona worked very hard on her long distance “heel” command.

Kona still has an opportunity for improvement on her placement while in her “heel” command.

Kona had a few friends with her on our morning trek which kept her company. Even with a few pedestrians and several cars on a busier street, Kona obeyed her “heel” command extremely well. Stay tuned for Day 5 of training.


Pupdate 10-13-2022

Today Kona went to the Home Depot. As you can see in the video she is completely off leash during her time there. With the help of some friendly employees, Kona practiced greeting manners. Kona did very well, not jumping up, and waiting patiently for the next command. Kona did get a little spooked when a customer dropped some lumber, but overall had a great day of work.


Kona Pupdate 10-14-2022

As you can see in today's pictures Kona is diligently working on her “place” commands. Day 5 of Kona’s training was funfilled and packed with a variety of “place” commands as well as a variety of “place” surfaces and fun new “place” environments.

Notice the added water distractions which at first caught Kona by surprise, but after some repetition and lots of love, Kona handled her “place” command like a true champ.


Kona Pupdate 10-15-2022

This is Day 6 of Kona’s training. Kona is progressing quite nicely and is so determined to master her commands.

As you can see in today's video, Kona and I are working on her “place” command as well as her “come to sit” commands. You will also notice that we worked on a farther distance "come” to sit” command towards the end of today's video. Increasing the distance in her recalling abilities simply provides and demonstrates reliability in Kona!


Kona Pupdate 10-16-2022

Kona had a light day of training today at a local park and around the neighborhood. She worked on all her commands with the leash dragging and she did pretty well! There are some things we have to clean up just a bit. Such has Kona going a little ahead during her ‘heel’ sometimes. Kona also loves to roughhouse with the boys. She’s definitely a tough girl!


Kona Pupdate 10-17-2022

Kona and I spent most of our day with some of her friends at a park filled with fun distractions. Kona’s confidence is building as she is placing and coming back to sit with more ease. As we walked around the park's water feature, we noticed lots of geese and ducks. Kona made attempts to chase and get the birds. Once she is provided with instruction she does quite well. It is important that you are watching her at all times to provide her with the proper structure and guidance.


Kona Pupdate 10-18-2022

Today Kona and I walked around the park and decided to take some pictures on the bridge, grass area and in front of the pond. Kona is doing much better on her placement and positioning while in the "heel" command.

I also had Kona work on her place while some of the other dogs were hanging out close by.

We had Kona work on all her commands around other trainers and their dogs as well. It creates great distractions for the pups and teaches them that even though other pups are around, it does not mean it is always play time. There is always a time and a place for Kona to play. We just have to be the ones to let her know when it is okay.

Noticed some mucus discharge around the eyes this morning.


Kona Pupdate 10-19-2022

Today, Kona and I visited a local park and focused most of our day together working on asking Kona to get down with an array of daily and situational distractions. These distractions included, other dogs, people and some friendly, but common park sounds.

Kona’s confidence has definitely grown leaps and bounds as you will notice that even with other dogs and people walking in very close proximity of Kona, she held her down position for an extended amount of time with the right amount of positive encouragement. Today was a huge plus for Kona and her focus on mastering getting into a down position when asked.

I noticed a little more discharge from Kona's eyes today.


Kona Pupdate 10-20-2022

Kona visited the Santa Monica Pier today with her buddy Thor. Kona did very well navigating the pedestrians, other canines, and traffic around the pier.

Kona was challenged with a metal staircase (didn't want to walk down), manhole covers (walked around), and metal plates covering sidewalk vaults. Kona does not like metal.

Noticed again today there is green discharge from the tear duct area on both of Kona's eyes. With the change in weather over the past week or so, not sure if it is allergies or something else. I'd recommend having Kona see a vet if the condition persists


Kona Pupdate 10-21-2022

Today, Kona woke up with LESS discharge in her eyes. “YEAH KONA”. We went to the Citadel outlet mall. We worked on asking Kona to “heel” (walk next to me), “sit”, “place” and “down” for an extended duration of time. You will notice in todays video that Kona was introduced to a new surface texture when asking her to “place” then “down”. Yay for HAY!!!

The giant pumpkin and a quick game of “peek a boo” added for some livelier distractions during training. I am confident that Kona’s confidence was BOO ming today.


Kona Pupdated 10-22-2022

Kona did the walk to Starbucks and back today-four miles total.She then went to the groomers and is fresh as a daisy.

Eye discharge was visible, but smallest amount in a week

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