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Australian Shepherd Dog Training | Kobe | Manhattan Beach, CA

Kobe, a Australian Shepherd from Manhattan Beach, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal SoCal 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. Kobe was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Santa Ana CA.

Say hello to Kobe, the Australian Shepherd from Manhattan Beach. He is joining us for our two-week board and train program. He is a very sweet boy who loves to chew and pull, he is not crate trained and he loves to bark. He is very friendly and shows by jumping to say hi. Watch his transformation over the next 14 days.


Pupdate 03/07/21

Kobe had an interesting first day. He went hiking and got to know me and my family better. He learned all the commands and worked on him being comfortable in the crate. He ate his lunch but did not want to eat his dinner. He enjoyed walking and learned break means he gets all the snuggles. He was a little nervous and cried in the crate on all our drives but we will be working on that.


Pupdate 03/08/21

Kobe went to the park to learn about the e collar. He worked on come to sit and break. He really liked break but he thought that meant to jump so we are going to work on it being a bit calmer and not mean jumping. He did great with the e collar he responded well. He worked on crate training and he is coming along to it! He only cries in the car or when I'm working other dogs but has been sleeping through the night in the crate. He enjoys his chews and so far has not ripped the PJs. He also worked on sitting and waiting patiently for his meals and is enjoying his toppers but is still a bit picky but nothing to be concerned about due to his weight gain.


Pupdate 03/09/21

Kobe had a fun day at the parks. He worked around other dogs. He met some different types of dogs, breed, energy level, and play style. He was able to work on adding distractions to his loose leash walking. He also worked on his crate manners and sending to crate.


Pupdate 03/10/21

The rain kept us inside today but Kobe got to work on his distractions and adding duration to his other commands. He learned puppy push-ups and how to wait patiently on place while my dog was loose. He ate all his food and is enjoying the crate now.


Pupdate 03/11/21

Got to work outside for a bit before the rain came back. Worked on adding distance to our duration commands. Played with his toys and sat in place while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean. He ate his breakfast and finest but didn't finish his lunch.


Pupdate 03/12/21

Kobe had a fun day at the park. We worked on dog distractions. He really wanted to play and not sit still, so we worked on that a lot. He worked on adding duration to his down and place. Kobe didn't want to eat breakfast but he ate all his lunch and most of his dinner.


Pupdate 03/13/21

Kobe had fun working at the park with my dog Stitch. He got to work on his distractions and impulse control. He met Hannah the German Shepherd, who he got to play with after some training. He also got to work with Stitch and enjoy going for a walk to look at ducks!


Pupdate 03/14/21

Kobe had quite the day! He worked on all of his commands around a lot of distractions. We went to several parks and worked around other dogs. He is not a fan of statues but we worked on it a bit. He had a blast working with Stitch and Winter, especially getting to sit, place, and down with them. Due to the amount of walking we did, I gave him extra food each meal but he was still a bit picky. He slept almost the whole car ride home and is getting better about being in the crate in the car.


Pupdate 03/15/21

Kobe worked inside for most of the day due to rain. We worked on heeling off-leash around the neighborhood and adding duration to his place. He worked on place while we watched The Blacklist! He also worked on his duration down while I did some work on the computer.


Pupdate 03/16/21

Kobe had an exciting day! He went to two different parks to work around other dogs! He had fun playing off-leash with his new friends and working on his commands around dragging the leash. He ate more of his food today and is more relaxed in the crate in the car.


Pupdate 03/17/21

Kobe was practicing his off-leash skills today. He went for a walk with Stitch dragging the leash and then we took it off! He practiced recall, door manners, and place! I gave him more food due to the amount of walking we did and he ate a bit more today.


Pupdate 03/18/21

Kobe was working on his off-leash manners inside. Working on just being in the house without eating anything. He also worked on duration down and place while I watched Blacklist. He got to play with my dog, Stitch off-leash outside and we worked on recall and door manners with the two of them. We also worked on his food manners and off-leash heeling. He didn't finish all his food but I've been adding more to each meal.


Pupdate 03/19/21

Kobe had a busy day today! He went out in public to work on all his commands. He did a lot of walking and worked around heavy distractions. He didn't eat all his food but he ate more than usual.


Pupdate 03/20/21

Kobe spent his last day with his new friends out on an adventure. He worked at the beach and an outdoor mall. He worked around a ton of distractions as well as new sights and sounds. He had fun playing with his friend Stitch and getting all the snuggles.


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