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Kingston | Pit Bull Mix | Long Beach, CA

Kingston, a Pit Bull / Lab mix from Long Beach, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Board & Train Program. Kingston was trained by Chris Louie in Norwalk, CA.

Day of drop off

I’d like to give a warm welcome to Kingston, OffLeash SoCals newest member. Kingston is joining us for your two week board and train program and I couldn’t be anymore excited. This 10 month old puppy is very loyal and loves to stay right by your side at all times. While in training Kingston will work on socialization skills with other pups, as well as his basic obedience. I can’t wait to see Kingston reach his full potential.


Pupdate 07/12/2020


Pupdate 07/13/2020

Kingston is living his best life, while in training. His happy go lucky attitude really keeps him motivated to work. He is a breath of fresh air. We have been working on socialization with the other pups in the pack.


Pupdate 07/14/2020


Pupdate 07/15/2020

Kingston was out working around my block today. We worked on holding a sit so I could take a photo, as well as his leash manners. He is a very smart boy.


Pupdate 07/16/2020


Pupdate 07/17/2020

Kingston worked with socializing with the other pups in the pack today. I have been working hard on him not getting jealous when there are other dogs around, and he has been working through his jealousy. He loves to run around and play, as he has earned it after all the hard work we have put in this last week. Kingston is HIGHLY intelligent and has been crushing his commands. I’m very confident in this next week of training as he has exceeded what’s been asked of him.


Pupdate 07/17/2020


Pupdate 07/18/2020


Pupdate 07/19/2020

Just as much work as there is play time. Kingston is having a blast and listening so well. He loves to play fetch and we have been playing after we work. It helps keep him motivated.


Pupdate 07/20/2020


Pupdate 07/21/2020

Kingston has been working off leash and loving his training. His tail is very powerful when it’s wagging all the time. Kingston is putting some weight on with his training and that shows how comfortable he is.


Pupdate 07/22/2020


Pupdate 07/23/2020


Pupdate 07/24/2020

Kingston has had a smile on his face the entire training cycle. He has been a pure joy to work with. His desire to please is his best quality by far. We have been working hard to get him ready to go home.


Pupdate 07/25/2020

We got an early jump on the morning to knock out Kingston’s final videos. He is very excited

to come home and show off what he has learned.


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