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Khloe | 5 months old | American PitBull Terrier | San Pedro CA | In Training

Update #5

Working on that dog distraction while on a “Place“ command. She’s certainly on point with it! Next will be public work with many more types of distraction. She’ll do great!

Update #4

Sitting so y’all as she “Places” on this drum. Building confidence everyday as she learns new limits with herself! Loving that nice warm sun at the same time. Looking sharp doing your commands little girl!


Update #3

Having such a beautiful day training this pup! We’re trying to work on more distraction training. Also with loud noises since she started off being timid and alert. It’s all about building the courage to be in any environment.


Update #2

Getting some more confidence building sessions in before the rain comes down. She’s starting to gain the confidence to learn more and instead of being so timid and worry. She and I have been doing more bonding time also to build more trust the same time. Really proud of her progress!


Update #1

Khloe is here for our 2 week board and train program to learn our 7 commands we teach and to be as obedient as possible. She comes off as a timid puppy but for sure has the drive to learn and to love on you on anyobe. She loves to pull on the leash but that’s one thing she’s here to learn NOT to do anymore. Stay tuned for the next two weeks to watch her progres!


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