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Kayu | Belgian Malinois | Hawthorne, CA | In Training

Welcoming our newest board and train Kayu! He is joining Off Leash for the next 2 weeks to build on his knowledge of commands and to improve his obedience when it comes to actually listening to those commands. He can be a stubborn boy who is constantly distracted with what's going on around him so we have some work to do but we are confident this boy is going to make big improvements.

Pupdate 01/25/21

Kayu doing well on his first full day of training. He definitely hates the kennel as he spent most of the night barking but I have faith he will be more comfortable in it tonight. Eating all of his food no problem. Worked on teaching him how to walk properly in a leash without pulling out arm off.

Pupdate 01/26/21

Kayu out working the heel command today around another dog. He definitely only wants to focus on the other pup but with E-Collar use he will begin to fall back into the heel command.

Pupdate 01/27/21

Kayu practicing the place command a lot today. He is starting to understand the concept that once he's in the cott he needs to either sit or lay down depending what I ask of him. The. The goal is to hold the command as I begin making distance away from him. Once I release him with"okay" I make thingsveru fun and exciting and praise him a lot with pets.

Pupdate 1/28/21

Kayu out with my dog Kylo today. Kayu actually went after Kylo this morning before eating breakfast for a second. I was able to break it up very quickly before anything actually happened and spent the rest of the day working him next to Kylo showing him that he is to focus on his commands and not another pup around him even if he doesn't like him. Other than that he did well on his commands and had a great day of training. Progressing well and a happy boy who wants to play with me always.

Pupdate 01/29/21

Taking advantage of the break in rain and practicing his commands around Kylo some more since he had the issue with him yesterday. Went better today unfortunately Kayu is having some stomach problems and experiencing a tough case of diarrhea. I think part of this is due to his separation anxiety. It is causing him stress upsetting his stomach. Wasn't very hungry for his regular kibble today but making sure he is drinking lots of water to replace fluids.

Pupdate 01/30/21

Today Kayu practiced doing his heel command next to Kylo. We practiced waking without pulling and I used my hands minimally to correct him with leash pressure. Instead I relied on Kayu to think and understand what I was asking him when I say heel. He ate all of his lunch and dinner and his stool is a lot more solid today.

Pupdate 01/31/21

At the park working on weaving through poles. This exercise teaches him to pay attention to me while I making constant direction changes as we weave through. He is learning to follow my lead and not walk to get infront or lag behind.

Pupdate 02/01/21

Kayu worked on a busy street today around loud noises from vehicles passing by. He didn't react to much except for louder things like motorcycles and the garbage truck he got nervous around. I utilized the E-Collar to keep him in position. He also scratched his nose a bit trying to chew out of the crate over night. I applied Neosporin to aid the healing process.

Pupdate 02/02/21

Enjoy our walk today. Kayu has made huge improvements on walking on the leash without pulling. He is nailing the heel command and has started practicing dragging the leash on our walk!

Pupdate 02/03/21

Kayu went off leash today! We walked a lot of miles around and he did very good. He likes to try to speed up so E-Collar correction is required to keep him focused on the heel command. We also use the heel command to keep his attention as we walk by other dogs. If he starts to trail off or get distracted we tell him heel and give him a correction. He responds well to the collar so trust with him is building.

Pupdate 02/04/21

Kayu out working those poles some more! Lol. He is doing good with his heel but this exercise is great to improve even more. The idea is to get his attention on us and to focus on us for a longer duration during the heel command. Keeping him checking in on my constant direction changes.

Pupdate 02/05/21

Kayu off leash practicing his commands out at a park today. We filmed some of his final video and practiced all of his off leash commands while we were there.

Pupdate 02/06/21

Out at a busy park today heeling through poles off leash around lots of park goers. There was a softball game going on behind us that got Kayus attention but I was able to get his attention back on the exercise. Kayu is excited to head home tomorrow and show off some of what he's been working on.



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