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Jasper | Wheaten Terrier/ Poodle Mix | Los Angeles, CA

Jasper the Wheaten Terrier/Poodle Mix from Los Angeles, CA completed are 2 Week Board & Train dog training program with OffLeash SoCal's Heather Acosta.

In Training:

This gorgeous 9m old boy is a little out of control when the kids come home from school and when guests come to visit, so we’re going to help make him more enjoyable!!!

DOWN isn’t as confusing as this picture taking stuff but i keep hearing how photogenic i am

Working dog distractions or making friends, no one will ever know

We came we saw we concord; we love field trip day.

We found cover from the rain, & thank you Costco shoppers for some distractions.

Off Leash Freedom is pretty awesome

The holidays will be a lot more enjoyable with amazing obedience

Finishing up our after video, stay tuned!

Beach days are the best days!

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