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Jake is a 7 month old Labrador that is here for his two week board and train.

Jake on day three is working the place command off leash. Way to go Jake!

This is how Jake relaxed after working his heel for 30 minutes. He slept for a solid two hours. More work for Jake today!

Sprint is in the air. Jake was in a down, but gave up to relax. Silly Jake!

Beautiful day on Avocado Ridge! Jake is working the place command like a champ.

Too cute, Jake was sleeping after his morning activities.

Oso was showing Jake how to hold the command when off leash.

Nothing like getting ready for baseball season

Jake successfully is practicing distance down off leash. Mickey approves of Jake's knowledge of the commands.

Jake got to go get dessert last night at a restaurant. He was remarkably well behaved the entire night. He had no issues whatsoever.


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