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Jack the Labrador

Jack the Labrador from Valencia, CA has joined the Offleash pack for a two week board and train program. Jack is very sweet and rather silly at times. He likes to jump up when greeting people, pulls on the leash when walking, and generally does thing when he is good and ready. Follow along on Jack's progress from good dog to amazing dog in the next two weeks.

Jack worked very hard with the lead trainer, Haley today.

Handsome boy stopped and posed for a picture.

Jack and Oso getting in some play time before the work begins

Jack and Oso getting acquainted.


Pupdate 04/02/2021

Some extra pics from yesterday's Beverly Hills trip.

More goofy playing dogs in the yard

Jack was getting some additional reps in with a new trainer.


Pupdate 04/03/2021

This is how Jack spent the majority of the evening...knocked out under our television. He was very tired.


Pupdate 04/04/2021

Both of the boys enjoyed the walk to Starbucks this morning. 4.2 miles in total, no issues to report other than Jack enjoys walking WITH Oso not necessarly behind Oso.

I'd say everyone was very happy on the walk.

Unfortunately, Yesenia was speaking to Oso who was super excited about the dog loosing it's mind in the video. She was trying to keep him in check with the "Off" command. I wish the woman was audible, she was telling her pup that she was going to fall down if the dog didn't stop pulling. So nice to have a dog to walk that is in control. Jack did amazing considering the distraction.

Already working on shaping the double heel for when Charlie is ready.


Pupdate 04/05/2021


Pupdate 04/06/2021

Couple of handsome boys working the "place" command

Jack and Oso were out "hunting rabbits" (in five years of doing this no dog has EVER caught a rabbit- the rabbits are way too fast. Jack did see four deer this morning on the walk. He froze like a popsicle.

Double heel with the boys. Five miles, up hill/down hill, not pulling.

Commands come, sit, down, and place off leash.


Pupdate Jack 04/07/2021

Had an easier day today working one the same ”come, sit, down, and place”. I showed Jack to place on the deck box and then found him a few hours later on top of it like a goat, lol. I think the eating issues are in the rear view mirror.


Pupdate Jack 04/08/2021

Started working on the weave poles to help with the overall heeling performance. Jack doesn't always pay attention to the handler which makes the poles challenging.

A little playtime portrait.

Jack ate everything today without issue, didn't wake up at 0530 (0615), and did well on two walks totaling more than five miles.


Pupdate 04/09/2021


Pupdate Jack 04/10/2021

Evening walk with sun setting over La Habra Heights. Made Jack stop and take some pictures. The coyotes were going nuts; really freaking Jack out!, lol.

Hacienda Country Club in background.

Lights of Torrance in the far background.

Jack had two excellent walk/hikes today. Both were 100% off leash. One was 2.5 miles and the other was almost 3 miles. He does very well walking along with Oso and following directions. As was evidence in last nights video, Jack is easily distracted yet can still walk along. Going to be spending more time out and about trying to teach Jack to pay attention 100% of the time (or as close as possible).


Pupdate 04/11/2021

A short sample of today's work at The Spectrum Center in Irvine. Jack did amazingly well out in public with LOADS of distractions. He also did a seven mile walk/hike this morning with friends who have a rescue Husky. Jack was very cordial to the new pack member and as far as I know got his first Pupachino.


Pupdate 04/12/2021

We focused on double off leash heeling this afternoon. More than an hour of walking around downtown Brea, focusing on heel, place, auto-sit, down, place to place and greetings manners. Jack did very well despite getting bumped out of the way by Oso and a couple of occasions.


Pupdate 04/13/2021

At the end of the video I was asking Jack if he wanted to go to the Woofpak Pet Kitchen for a treat, lol.



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