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Isla | Cane Corso Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Welcoming in Isla to our 3 week board and train program. Isla is a sweet girl who is extremely nervous around strangers. We will be spending most of our time really focusing on getting her a little bit more confident while teaching her fundamental commands to improve bher overall obedience and make her easier to manage.


Pupdate 02/08/21

Spending a lot of time teaching Isla how to heel today. This exercise teaches her to focus on me as I change my pace and direction. I use the collar to correct her if she pulls hard or stops to smell things and take control of our walk. We have to remember this is our walk and she is supposed to follow.


Pupdate 02/09/21

Isla out working the heel command around my dog Kylo. They like to play so much that he acts as a big distraction making it hard for her to focus which is great for practice. She is learning to ignore him along with people we pass on our walks and focus on the command better. We worked on in house manners as well.


Pupdate 02/10/21

Isla learning the place command. She is so excited it's hard for her to sit still! However this command is teaching her focus. Showing her to get on, sit and hold the command until hearing that release command "break".


Pupdate 02/11/21

Today Isla worked heavily on her indoor manners. She's so excited it's hard to get her to focus sometimes but food is a great motivation for her. Laying down and holding before being released to freely eat her dinner. Here she is casually pretending like she's not paying attention lol.


Pupdate 02/12/21

Isla walking with me today while I let her drag the leash. She doesn't require leash pressure at this point because she is learning how the collar works. If she walks too far infront of me or starts to trail off to a distraction then a light correction from the collar is used to get her back and focusing.


Pupdate 02/13/21

Trip to the park today to practice her commands around light distractions. We had a few kids come up to greet her a long with some other dogs that she definitely wanted to play with them but was able to focus on her commands.


Pupdate 02/14/21

Isla at the park today working her heel exercises. This command is a little tough for her around distractions and she was getting nervous about the poles for some reason m after working the exercise for a bit longer she bagn to relax and understand what we were doing and that there was no need to be scared!


Pupdate 02/15/21

Isla practicing her place command around my dog Kylo! They have been best pals this last week and absolutely love playing together. It's a good training exercise to stop Isla while she is all excited from play to make her focus on some commands for a while before being released back to play as a reward.


Pupdate 02/16/21

We did some off leash hearing today and Isla did well! She requires light corrections to keep her focused when she gets distracted by some smells but for the most part she is undertanu how this works!


Pupdate 02/17/21

Isla enjoying some well deserved play time with my dog Kylo after our training session. When things get too rough I make them take a break and cool down for a moment.


Pupdate 02/18/21

Islas kryptonite is working around other dogs. She wants to play so bad that keeping her focused is a full time job usually. She knows her commands though and will follow if we hold her accountable to them.


Pupdate 02/19/21

Isla practicing hewing next to her pup in training partner, Boris. We went to a park and practiced some off leash commands. Isla can get easily distracted.


Pupdate 02/20/21

Trip to Lowe's today off leash! Isla killed it. She gets nervous around some strangers and things like the electric sliding doors so in those cases light corrections are required to keep her attention on us and her commands rather than focus on her fears. We practiced place on some new strange objects in the garden section, testing her confidence and knowledge of the place command. She did great!


Pupdate 02/21/21

Practicing the load up command today! Isla will jump into the car on command but we are still working on teaching her the patience to wait to be invited first.


Pupdate 02/22/21

Isla practicing the down command more off leash. She is more stable in the down command than she is in a sit so when distractions walk by having her down is more trustworthy.


Pupdate 02/23/21

Learning door manners more today. Practicing Isla waiting until being invited out the front door to exit.


Pupdate 02/24/21

Isla showing off her improved confidence doing a place command on a raised and narrow benhcm we are utilizing her collars night light feature here too which is an awesome safety light for night walks.


Pupdate 02/25/21

Back to Lowe's today for some more command practice around distractions.Isla is really a rockstar when we get her into command. If left up to her she'd rather run around and play chase.


Pupdate 02/26/21

Off Leash at the park today enjoying some free time mixed with her commands. She is so full of energy we have to reallymamage that energy as we ask her to work through her commands.


Pupdate 02/27/21

Islas final day here with us at Off Leash! We went back to Lowe's where she was welcomed back and is known as a regular there now. We filmed her final video and got some good socialization in around strangers and a few other pups that happened to be there. She is so excited to get home and show off everything she has been learning!

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