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Huntley | Miniature Bernedoodle | Irvine, CA | In training

Welcome Huntley, 6 month miniature bernedoodle, he is a fluffy bundle of happiness and excitement. He is here for our 3 week offleash program. We will be working on leash manners as we start our training and everyday obedience. He pulls on the leash and tends to mouth in a playful way but doesn’t know when to stop. He also barks and whines when he wants attention, we will teach him by communicating in a way he understands and help him feel good about the process of his training. Check back to see his transformation and follow his journey.


Pupdate 2/7/2021

Huntley did great for his first day, he whined for a few minutes when we first started driving but then he went to sleep for the remainder of the car ride. He is a happy go lucky and excited about life. When I introduced Huntley to my dog they wanted to play immediately but first I want him to adjust to his new surroundings and he is doing great with that as well. He is getting familiar with his place command as part of the structure, rules and boundaries. He also does great in his crate, some whining and barking at first but he is able to relax in no time. We had a short walk, he a ate 1 1/2 cups of food for his evening feeding, overall he is doing great.


Pupdate 2/8/2021

Today we focused on leash work as you can see in the video this creates the foundation for his heel command. Huntley is excited about life and it’s difficult for him to focus. I’m trying to find his pack drive and asking him to follow me but trying to make it fun for him at the same time and trying to do this without putting pressure on the leash. We will be doing a lot of this everyday as well as practicing everyday obedience. He is eating well and does great in the crate. We haven’t experienced any accidents as far as him going potty inside.


Pupdate 2/9/2021

Today we did started with a walk around my neighborhood where there are so many distractions for Huntley. He is doing better on the leash, less pulling and is starting to respond to the off command and overall getting better at focusing. He is super excited about life so we will focus on keeping that excitement level down so he can focus on learning. With him being a young pup I take his saturation level into consideration so we do lots of short sessions throughout the day. He is improving and learning every day. We also worked door manners and food manners.


Pupdate 2/10/2021

Today we started the day with a walk, working on heel command while allowing him to stretch his legs and release some energy. There are lots of distractions on our walks so the repetition helps him maintain focus. We also worked on load and unload before going to the park where we worked more heel and some place. Huntley gets super excited so I’m trying to keep his excitement level low so he can learn and follow and as he progresses and gets better at following commands we can increase distractions and excitement levels. He is doing great.


Pupdate 2/11/2021

We started with a walk again today, Huntley has lots of energy and exercise helps him to contain his excitement. After that we worked commands as he is learning the communication of the ecollar, we went to the park again worked on place and heel with some distractions and tried to keep his excitement level low so it’s easier for him to listen, using the ecollar to reinforce each command helps us to communicate with him in a way he understands.


Pupdate 2/12/2021

Huntley is still adjusting to the ecollar, he is trying his best to listen and follow directions but it can be difficult sometimes especially for young pups, he is curious and excited about everything. So in between training sessions he gets to play and be a puppy. It’s important not to suppress him being a puppy so its a matter of balance. We work every day on finding his calm state of mind when going for walks and learning manners and commands after getting some good work in he can have some puppy play time. Today it was windy which is more challenging, he was a bit apprehensive of things blowing in the wind and even more excited at times. He’s doing well but obviously his favorite thing is playtime.


Pupdate 2/13/21

Huntley is doing great on his daily walks, he definitely needs exercise to release some of his energy. He is doing great with his heel, off and sit commands. He is apprehensive about placing on unfamiliar things so we’ll continue to work on that. We practice door and food manners daily, working on distractions and duration. He also works on place inside and does great with that as well.


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