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Hudson | 1.5 Year old | Labradoodle | Long Beach, CA | In Training |

Hudson is OffLeash SoCal’s newest recruit. Hudson has been to puppy school and has learned commands from early on, however he is dog reactive. Hudson is 1 1/2 years old and weighs every bit of 94 lbs. He loves to jump on people and loves to pull when on the leash. With our 2 Week Board and Train program he will learn his manners in no time. Check back to see his progress as he learns how to around high distractions.


Pupdate 02/17/2020

Hudson and I walked to Starbucks and back earlier this evening. Not a lot of dogs, but heeling for 3+ miles still makes him focus on the task at hand.

Hudson's first heel with dog distractions. He wasn't pulling until we walked to Starbucks. Saw the reactivity in the video and on Starbucks walk as well. Definitely on the list of things to address.


Pupdate 02/18/2020

As promised, a tour of the yard, etc. Hudson and Oso met officially this morning without incident. Hudson seems slightly overwhelmed with Oso, but should be expected as Hudson is in unfamiliar with the circumstances. I suspect he will have little to no issues with his surroundings. Hudson has been fitted with a different collar and GPS tracking device. The collar that Hudson came with has a tendency to expand over time, so he has one that is more snug with less chance to come off during training. The GPS allows us to track his movements (security of the dog) off property. Additionally the GPS has other measurements showing activity level, etc. The GPS report will be a screenshot update daily as well.

Again, I'm sorry for how things happened yesterday, but rest assured, Hudson will be receiving the best training that I'm able to provide.

Kennel room tour.


Pupdate 02/18/2020

Group photo with Mango the Goldendoodle and KIng the Husky.

What do I do when I'm bored???

So, we went to the Shops of Orange (formerly the Block) this afternoon. More heeling practice, but there were other dogs as well. Hudson did well, not sure where the reactive comes in, he simply seems curious, and therefore he stops paying attention to the tasks at hand. Tomorrow we will be heading to the dog park for tons of distractions.


Hudson Pupdate 02/19/2020

After the morning workout, Hudson was asked to make three videos. What you see is the last. I was having camera issues, but they have been resolved. Hudson is clearly over the entire process- he has been heeling up and back and up and back, and at this juncture would prefer to be napping.


Pupdate 02/20/2020

Hudson and I ventured out in the afternoon around the neighborhood. The video is rather long; we work on come, sit, down, place, and heel. There are car, people, dogs, and cat distractions in the neighborhood. I do apologize, the camera does need to be recalibrated, so there are such odd angles looking back at us.

Hudson is off leash the entire way. He does well, considering the timeline that we are working on. There is a time when he wanted to go to a dog in the neighborhood, but when asked to get back into command he does (I was very pleased). Hope you enjoy.


Pupadate 02/21/2020

Took Hudson to the local dog park to check his temperament with other strange dogs. Hudson exhibits a shyness when meeting new friends. He warms up quickly, but the other dogs sense his timidness. Hudson generally responded to all the commands that I gave him despite being surrounded by other canines.

Took a spin through Home Depot today. Hudson did very well for his first time. In the beginning of the video you can see him check in repeatedly, which is perfect. Later in the video he becomes more comfortable, checks in less. At the 3:30 mark there is pace variation to my walking (Hudson slows along), and at 6:30 there is a noisy machine that Hudson hears and almost hides behind my leg. Overall he is doing well, he needs to work on his confidence when out in public.


Pupdate 02/22/2020

Hudson made it back to Starbucks this morning. The 3.2 mile walk wasn't enough to crush his spirit when it came to getting a pup-a-chino. He also was greeted by more than a dozen people who were fascinated by his handsome appearance and calm demeanor.


Pupdate 02/23/2020

Hudson has been working very hard today. Down to Starbucks again, back for some rest, then trying to get the come to my right side, walk around, then sit squarely on the left.


Pupate 02/24/2020

Beginning to work on the loading into the car. He actually did it the first time and the camera wasn't set to record (oi vei!), then he hesitates the second, got it the third. This too will improve.


Pupdate 02/25/2020

Not that this is the entirety of Hudson's training, but given the benefit to the two of you we are focusing on this command as being very important.


Pupdate 02/26/2020

Out with the Offleash gang at Fashion Island today. Hudson, as is becoming his usual, wanted to greet EVERY dog that we encountered, but was still able to manage himself off leash around the mall. The first picture is Hudson inside Norstrom- did very well managing a different texture beneath his feet.


In addition to working the regular commands, Hudson spent a portion of the day being introduced to other dogs while being in command. As usual, Hudson is slow to the command, but obeys each time. Working commands inside the dog park off leash as been his biggest accomplishment to date.


Pupdate 02/28/2020

Road to Hollywood

Hollywood sign in the background, Hudson takes in the sites from the Lowes Hotel

Watching the marquee from the El Capitan

Hudson with four month old Friday

Hudson didn't seem to mind the puppy walking over him.

Hudson did very well today given all the distractions on Hollywood Blvd. The noise, people, smells, heat, and he followed all the commands without incident. Good boy Hudson!!

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