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Honey | Golden Retriever | Long Beach, CA | In-Training

Meet Honey! Honey is a 15 month old Golden Retriever from Long Beach, CA and she is joining us for our One Week Board and Train Program. Honey needs help walking on leash since she tends to pull and needs help with her manners at home. Honey likes to counter surf and will chew on anything she can get ahold of such as toilet paper and rugs. Honey tends to be a bit nippy at times when she's I really excited and jumps up when greeting new people. Overall, Honey is a sweet and loving girl who is ready to learn! Watch out for her 7 day transformation.


Pupdate 3/19/2023

Honey and I worked on introducing the e-collar as well as working on heel. She was really anxious once she came out of the car so it did take her some time to settle. After getting to know each other some more, Honey and I worked on heel. She would walk with me for a bit then refuse to move forward and would plant herself in the ground. She did this for about 5 minutes before she finally understood that I wasn’t giving up. We also introduced her come to sit command by the end of the session and she was picking that up quickly. She settled into her kennel nicely and ate all of her dinner. I did go ahead and weigh her and her weight was 49.3lbs. I know it was mentioned to me she has been weighing about 55lbs so I wanted to let you know what I recorded.


Pupdate 3/20/2023

Honey and I spent time working around my neighborhood getting her used to the e-collar and leash pressure. She does tend to bite the leash at times and will still plant herself on the ground if she isn’t feeling up to walking. She did ease up on resisting during our walks and was able to do her come to sit fairly well today! We introduced place on a place cot and she definitely struggled with it in the beginning. Honey has definitely gotten more familiar with it but struggles with down. She does everything she can to not get into a down. We’re going to work on her down some more and work on exposing her to more distractions. Honey seems to do great when people and dogs pass us and doesn’t seem interested in them at all. She hasn’t gone potty since I’ve picked her up so I’m taking her out more frequently to give her the opportunity to do so. This could be due to nerves since Honey does have some anxiety. 


Publish 3/21/2023

Honey and I worked on all of her commands at a local park as well as my home. I know one of the biggest concerns you expressed to me was Honey’s manners at home. I have multiple carpeted areas in my home and Honey was able to roam and play with her toys. She did try to chew my carpet  once but once I told her the off command she stopped. As we trained in my home I made sure to leave the long leash on her just in case she tried to jump up on any of the counters. She tried to put her paws up on the counters a couple of times during the day but each time she was given the off command followed by a stim with the e-collar. She seemed to get the hang of it towards the end but she was very persistent and kept trying. As I made her breakfast and dinner I made sure she was in a sit waiting patiently. There were times when she would break her sit and would try and walk over to the counters but I put her right back into the same spot and tried again. During playtime, Honey didn’t get nippy with me. I tried to play with her as much as I could to see if she would nip but she seemed to follow my off command whenever she was holding onto her toy. This is a great command to use for her especially when she’s doing something you don’t want her to do. She does lack a lot of confidence so getting her to place was a bit difficult but after some time and luring she was able to jump onto a tiny stool I had. Overall, Honey is improving and even goes into her kennel willingly any time during the day. I’ve tried working with her on this since I know you mentioned she only goes in at night. She went potty like normal today and enjoyed lots of treats and love. 


Pupdate 3/22/2023

Honey and I went to Home Depot to work on all of her commands around distractions and other trainers with their pups. She had a hard time getting comfortable working in the beginning and was trying to nip at the leash and my hand. This went on for about 10 minutes. One second she was heeling perfectly fine then the next she would spin in her leash and try to jump up, nip and pull. After working on her commands she seemed to do a lot better and was able to relax. She is fairly confident around loud noises and dogs but struggled not trying to walk up to them all. Working around all the dogs was great for her because at the end of our session she didn’t pay any attention to any of the dogs! She is definitely improving on following through with her commands but tends to get nervous if I walk to far way when she’s in a down. We’re tying to work on having her do all of her commands for an extended period of time without her breaking them. She is such a sweet girl and did amazing today! She enjoyed treats and a bully stick while lounging in my home. 


Pupdate 3/23/2023

Honey and I went to a park today to work on place since she was struggling with jumping into objects. Honey did struggle getting into the groove in the beginning but she wasn’t jumping up and nipping at me today. She was listening a lot more and was really interested in placing on new objects. She is getting better at holding her commands but needs a little more encouragement when doing her commands in a crowded area since she does get nervous. Overall, she is doing such a great job! 


Pupdate 3/24/2023

Honey and I went to Santa Monica today to work on all of her commands. She did such a great job but it did take her some time to get used to her new environment. She didn’t try to jump up and nip at me today but was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning. Overall, Honey did such a great job with all of the distractions around her and did amazing following through on her commands. She is such a good girl! 


Pupdate 3/25/2023

Honey and I spent time working on all of her commands at home and a local park. She did such a great job with everything and didn’t try to jump up on the counters today! She hasn’t been trying to chew on the rugs and spent time lounging in my home. Honey did great walking around my neighborhood and even spent time napping next to my chihuahua Sombra. Overall, Honey did such a great job today!

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