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Honey | German Shepherd Dog Training | Northridge, CA

We had the opportunity to work with actress Rachel Crow and her dog, Honey. Honey went through our 2 Board & Train dog obedience off-leash program. Honey was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal trainer Michael Dark.

In Training:

Day 1- enjoying a walk with view of Los Angels county in the background.

Day 1- Hacienda Country Club in background

Day 2- placing at Lowes

Day 3- working the under command at Starbucks

Day 5- place command on smaller objects

Day 5- Place command or relaxing?

Day 7- chilling after morning workouts. Honey is effectively off leash operating. She very much wants to be next to you so the distance commands are proving difficult for her. With a week to go things will certainly improve.

Day-8 Out and about at Home Depot. Today we worked on duration place and duration down. Honey loves to be by my side, but gets nervous when she is not adjacent to me. More work!!

Not the greatest of pictures, however they were having such a good time with distance place. Despite doggie distractions Honey completed her task.

Day 10- what do you do after a day of training? Sleeping on the floor during dinner. Oso continues to check-in looking for a morsel.

Day 11- completely OffLeash on a walk through downtown Brea.

Day 12- Honey getting ready for Halloween

Day 12- Honey was OffLeash healing for more than 10,000 steps today. Focus was trail walking with distractions of bikes, dogs, horses, runners, and squirrels. She did very well.

Day 14- Halloween just a few days away

Can anyone guess which pumpkins sell better?

Halloween fun!

One last day of Offleash healing in Venice, CA


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