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Hercules | Pit Bull | 2 Year Old | Corona, CA | In Training

Hercules is joining the team for our two week board and train program. He has some reactivity issues to other dogs and some strangers that we will be working on. Lots of fundamental command practice to build more trust and control for when he gets back home with his family. We are very excited to see some of his progress.


Pupdate 07/20/2020

Happy boy today. Hercules warmed up to me very quickly after spending some quality one on one time together last night and for breakfast. All smiles from him on our walk this morning. We walked passed a gate with a bunch of barking little dogs on the other side that Hercules was very curious about. The E-Collar made it easy to get his attention back on me and off the other dogs.


Pupdate 07/21/2020

Hercules learning the place command. He was uncomfortable with getting on the cot at first but after some practice he was nailing his command by the end of our session.


Pupdate 07/22/2020

Out walking the track. Hercules was not a fan of the bike that rode past us but learned to ignore it after a few laps. There was also another dog on the track that he growled at when we first walked by but with the help of the E-Collar, he forgot about it very quickly and went back to just enjoying his walk.


Pupdate 07/23/2020


Pupdate 07/24/2020

Early morning walk with his training pal Kylo. Hercules was pretty reactive to Kylo when he first met him but after some days along side each other he gets excited to be around Kylo and hasn't been growling.


Pupdate 07/25/2020

Hercules cheesing! He has been doing so much better at not responding to every person or dog that we pass. He has been hanging out with Kylo more too, no muzzle needed.


Pupdate 07/26/2020

Out practicing heel a lot today. Hercules dragging the leash with an average amount of corrections to keep him close to me. Here he is around his buddy Kylo.


Pupdate 07/27/2020


Pupdate 07/28/2020

Happy guy out off leash at the park with me this morning. He is doing much better at ignoring small distractions and sticking close to me while we walk. He is very curious and likes to sniff all the different flowers so we have been working on keeping his focus.


Pupdate 07/29/2020

Some command practice this morning with a new friend. Hercules is showing great progress when responding to commands as well as not reacticing to every dog he is around.


Pupdate 07/30/2020

Good boy doing some off leash zig zag practice. Hercules takes some excited encouragement sometimes to keep him at the same pace as me or he starts to slow down and lag behind on occasion.


Pupdate 07/31/2020

Hercules has been doing well during his last few days of training. He has been eating all of his food without fail and working hard during our training sessions. Duration down practice.


Pupdate 08/02/2020



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