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Hercules | 4yr old Malamute | Bell, CA | In-Training

Hercules gets extremely excited on walks! He always pulls and wants to be in the front while walking. He looks impatient when he walks, like he doesn't know where to walk, he's all over the place. Likes to destroy plants. He mark's everywhere around the house and on walks, jumps on people. Very aggressive towards other dogs male or female it doesn't matter. He loves people. Hercules is also an escape artist. He has gotten out of the house several times. He listens when he wants to.

Pupdate 08/19/2019

Great photo shoot, while hiking at one of my favorite places.

Water never tasted so good 💦


Pupdate 08/20/2019

Pupdate 08/21/2019

Pupdate 08/22/2019

Pupdate 08/23/2019

Hey guys i have a girlfriend 😍

Pupdate 08/24/2019

Saturday morning with my girlfriend Penny.

Pupdate 08/25/2019

Pupdate 08/26/2019

Hercules doing some obedience training at a dog park

Pupdate 08/27/2019

Pupdate 08/28/2019

Very proud of Hercules for maintaining calm around multiple dogs at the dog park.


Pupdate 08/30/2019

Hercules is doing amazing, meanwhile tons of dogs running around behind the fence.


Pupdate 08/31/2019


Pupdate 09/01/2019

“Go where you feel most alive.”


Pupdate 09/03/2019

Rock climbing


Pupdate 09/04/2019


Pupdate 09/05/2019

Police k9 on duty


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