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  • Tanner Strong

Hazel | Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mix | Temple City

Meet Hazel! She has been with us before, but she's back for boarding for a little while! She's still as sweet as ever, and I'm extremely excited to welcome her back into my home! While she's here, she'll get to see the sights, have fun with me and my dogs, and all the while I'll be making sure she's keeping up with her training!


Pupdate: 2/25/2024

After picking up Hazel, it became apparent that she remembers me! I was heartwarming to see her slowly recognize me and my car! The second I opened up my car door, she immediately hopped in and walked directly into her crate! We spent a few minutes walking around and reconnecting, but after that, we headed home so she could get settled in.

She quickly became reacquainted with my personal dog, and I let her sniff around to get as comfortable as possible. I'm glad to welcome her back into my home!


Pupdate: 2/26/2024

Hazel had a fun day at the park! I noticed she was hesitant to become playful when we first got there, but she quickly came out of her shell as we walked around. She still seems to remember her commands, and she was very well behaved all day!

It started raining at a certain point in the day so we left the park, but continued playing and having a good time at home!


Pupdate: 2/27/2024

Hazel and I went to Los Angeles State Historic Park today! I think she enjoyed this park and she got to be around tons of other trainers and their dogs, some of whom remembered her! She was still one of the most well behaved of the bunch, and had a wonder day today!


Pupdate: 2/28/2024

Hazel went to Citadel Outlets today for training! It was a great experience for her. She seemed a little nervous around the crowds and distractions at first. After a few laps around the area, she started to relax, but she was always most happy when sitting with me and getting affection.

Later, we went to the park so that Hazel could get some exercise in an area she felt a little more comfortable in, so she could have some fun!


Pupdate: 2/29/2024

Hazel and I went to Almansor Park today! She seems to really love this park, and she feels right at home here. It's also a great place for us to practice her commands, since there are such a variety of distractions! The geese, ducks, people and other dogs are great for Hazel to spend time around!


Pupdate: 3/1/2024

Hazel went to Almansor Park today! As usual, she was well behaved and had no trouble at the park. I've even been seeing an increase in her confidence level! She had fun, like she always does at this park, and once we got home she got a nice nap before going out again.


Pupdate: 3/2/2024

Hazel and I went to Almansor Park again in the morning before the rain. We spent the rest of the rainy day mostly relaxing inside, and she played/napped with my personal dog! Hazel still lacks a little bit of confidence, but having her play with a well mannered dog who knows how to take turns is a great way for Hazel to build her confidence!


Pupdate: 3/3/2024

Hazel and I spent the day at the park since it wasn't rainy! Once again, she enjoyed the park! It was a little bit more crowded than usual, as there were several sport games going on throughout the day, but Hazel didn't seem to mind too much.


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