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Hazel | Dutch Shepherd | Los Angeles, Ca | In-Training

Meet Hazel! The 8 month old Dutch Shepherd from Los angeles,CA. She Joined Off leash SoCal with her brother Zeus! She is sweet, loves belly rubs and loves to play! Hazel is here for the two week board and train program to work on jumping, playful nipping, and her basic manners. Stay tuned for her 14 day transformation!


Pupdate: 11/28/21

Hazel briefly went over recall on this evenings walk. She adapted quickly to her space and new surroundings. 1st lesson is her recall check back tomorrow to see how she did!


Pupdate: 11/29/21

Hazel did good on her recall lesson today. She has loosened up and has gotten comfortable with her kennel space and riding in the car. Tomorrow’s lesson will be the place command check back to see how she does.


Pupdate: 11/30/21

Hazel did good on her recall command and her place command. She really felt on top of the world today. Tomorrow’s lesson will be around more distractions you won’t want to miss it!


Pupdate: 12/1/21

Hazel did a good job with her heel lesson today. She gave consistent eye contact and did well with her extended sit for a photo! Hazel is enjoying all of our adventures and can’t wait for the next one! Check back tomorrow for more Pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 12/2/21

Hazel did good on her commands in public, she’s working hard on her eye contact near high distractions. She’s gaining confidence by the day and enjoys her lessons. Keep up the good work Hazel!


Pupdate: 12/3/21

Hazel has become more confident with her eye contact while holding her extended commands. She enjoys the place command especially on high objects that make her feel tall! She loves today’s windy weather and enjoyed our adventure and walks check back tomorrow for more!


Pupdate: 12/4/21

Hazel did well out near the beach today. She gave great eye contact and listened to each command given. She still tends to fall behind on her heel but will pick up her pace with some encouragement. Check back tomorrow for the next Pupdate!


Pupdate: 12/5/21

Hazel did well with her commands today at the duck pond. She was interested in the ducks and squirrels but did well with her recall and held her focus with the commands given. She has gotten a lot bet with her eye contact near distractions and pictures are a lot easier to capture these days! Check back tomorrow for more progress!


Pupdate: 12/6/21

Today we worked on all commands and greeting manners. Hazel is shy but greets well with encouragement that she’s okay! She’s really opened up since day one! Check back tomorrow for more fun.


Pupdate: 12/7/21

Hazel did well training on her commands today. She’s gotten better responding near distractions and does well heeling beside me. She’s become more confident on her extended commands and her load up command. Check back tomorrow for more fun!


Pupdate: 12/8/21

Hazel is doing a great job on her commands. Today we trained off leash and she definitely enjoyed having freedom and confidence to listen to the next command. She does well with redirecting her focus and giving eye contact when it’s needed. Keep up the good work Hazel!


Pupdate: 12/9/21

"BEEP BEEP!” There is no stopping Hazel now that she’s on the move! She did a good job on all her commands and manners. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure. You won’t want to miss it!


Pupdate: 12/10/21

Today was a wonderful day for Hazel she was able to showcase her skills and received a lot of compliments! She does a great job checking in and giving eye contact! Check back tomorrow for Hazel’s final day!


Pupdate: 12/11/21

Ms. Hazel Bell did a great job on her last day off leash! Hazel has gained so much confidence and personality from this training. She did a good job today on her greeting manners and her extended commands. Be on the look out for her final video!



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