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Belgian Malinois Dog Training | Havoc | Northridge, CA

Havoc, a Belgian Malinois from Los Angeles, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Havoc was trained by dog trainer Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA.

Introducing Havoc the 6 month old Belgian Malinois! Her name definitely fits as she is very difficult to control. She is extremely reactive to strangers and sometimes other dogs. Havocs owners want to take her out in public but have no way of doing so safely and being able to control her. She is slow to warm up but we have spent the day trying to get her to the point where we can take the muzzle off safely. She will be staying on leash for her training as we teach her how to behave.


Pupdate 04/12/21

Good progress today! After working for the first half of the day, getting her extra tired we were able to take her muzzle off and she even let me pet her belly! The tough girl act wore off pretty quickly once we started working with the E-Collar. Began working on the Heel command.


Pupdate 04/13/21

Today Havoc made good progress. She worked with me without a muzzle on and we went to a nearby school to work on the heel command around light distractions. She is learning to pay attention to me and follow my pace and direction changes.


Pupdate 04/14/21

Today Havoc met up with the rest of the off leash team to practice her commands around distractions! She did well socializing with everyone once she relaxed and received a few corrections from the collar for barking or lunging at another trainer. She is doing great at the heel command too! Happy with her progress today.


Pupdate 04/15/21

Happy girl today. I was able to take her in a long quiet walk and remove her muzzle when we were all alone. I recommend keeping it on if she will be around any other people or dogs just in case. She responds well to the collar when hearing the "off" command if she is barking or lunging. Stopping almost immediately.


Pupdate 04/16/21

Working the place command more today. Havoc is starting to understand that she is to get on a place object, sit or lay down and hold that position until I release her with "break"


Pupdate 04/17/21

Nice improvement today from this girl on her place command and the down command. Since she's a stubborn girl she will fight the down command at first but if we are patient and show her we are more stubborn, she will lay down without the use of treats.


Pupdate 04/18/21

Out on a hike today and Havoc did well. Though she is remaining on leash, she is actually very good at the heel command after all the practice we have put in. This video shows me playing with her ears, tails, and paws. An important part of getting her comfortable. She is no longer nervous around me and shows her belly in a completely submissive position.


Pupdate 04/19/21

Happy girl here at the park working her commands. We were all alone so she got a chance to enjoy some off muzzle time and playing at the park. She earned the play time after a long training session including all of her commands!


Pupdate 04/20/21

Out working her down command at a park today around distractions. She is learning to lay down properly instead of just rolling over and is improving.


Pupdate 04/21/21

Out at Lowe's today! She did well with her muzzle on following all of my commands and ignoring strangers. One man turned a corner quickly kind of surprising us and it scared her so she barked at him. A quick " off" made her stop and we kept walking with the heel command. Practicing place and down on new strange locations.


Pupdate 04/22/21

Happy girl here with my dog Kylo. She is no longer wearing the muzzle around him as she has been behaving very well around him and being extremely playful as well as rolling over to show her belly showing submission. They like chasing eachother around the yard.


Pupdate 04/23/21

Out at an outdoor mall getting some food socialization in! We practiced all of her commands around people watching. She barked a bit at some people attempting to get a little too close but stopped immediately when asked to. We then continued command work.


Pupdate 04/24/21

Out filming her final video today! Her last day with me went very well. We are sad to see Havoc leaving but overall very happy with the progress she has made.

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