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Hashbrown | Bernedoodle | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Hashbrown! She is a 4 month-old Bernedoodle from Los Angeles, CA who has joined our Three Week Puppy Board and Train Program! For the next three weeks, Hashbrown will be with us working on her behavior, obedience, crate training, and potty training with the hopes of becoming a therapy dog! She is a very playful puppy that likes to jump on people, likes to pull on the leash, and can be a little mouthy. Overall, we are very happy to have her and we are looking forward to seeing Hashbrown's progress over the next 21 days!


Hashbrown and I started to get to know each other today! After pickup, we settled in at home and got everything in order for these next three weeks. We introduced Hashbrown to her Come to Sit command which means come to my right side, go around behind me to sit on my left side. We worked on it with a little leash tension and some treats. We also did some kennel manners with her. As soon as that kennel door opens we are getting Hashbrown to understand that she is not allowed to come out until I give her the ok to do so. We then ended the day with a little playtime!


I drove Hashbrown out to the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area today. We worked her on the Heel command which means walking with me and staying on pace next to me on my left side. Hashbrown is very easily distracted but we will work her through distractions with a little leash pressure and a little treat motivation. We also worked some more on her Recall (Come to Sit). She did well overnight in the kennel and had no accidents! Hashbrown also did better in the car today as well! We had a little fun in the sun with some playtime and getting a few pictures of her!


Hashbrown and I went out to The Pike Outlets in Long Beach today. We introduced Hashbrown to her Place command which means getting onto an elevated object and remaining there. It is a great command to help Hashbrown whenever guests are over, and it also helps to build her confidence. We did a few Heel and Recall reps as well to warm her up. Hashbrown is adjusting to the kennel in the car as we go along and she managed to sleep through the night in her kennel again with no accidents!


Glendale Galleria was our destination today where we worked on Hashbrown’s Heel and Sit commands around a nice amount of dogs and people that work as distractions for her. We increased the distance with Hashbrown’s Sit command and she broke the command on her own. She holds it fairly well but we will work on getting her there with more practice. She was also introduced to her Down command and added some distance to that with a shorter amount of time considering it is new to her. Hashbrown was a little fussy in the beginning of the car ride but adjusted shortly after. There is a difference compared to when I first brought her and she is making good progress. We had another overnight success as well with Hashbrown sleeping through the night with no accidents!


Hashbrown and I went out to Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson today and went for a walk around the stadium to keep improving her Heel. We worked on her Down and Sit commands with a short amount of distance to increase her duration a little more. I started with 1 foot for 5 seconds and increased by 5 seconds every foot. The goal I set for the distance and duration was 6 feet for 30 seconds and Hashbrown succeeded. We will continue to increase it more as training moves further along. Hashbrown was great in the car ride to and from our destination in her kennel, and she also had another overnight success with no accidents!


We took a trip out to The Grove today and we practiced Hashbrown’s commands as we continue to condition her to hold them in different areas of distraction. We began with Heel that led to an Extended Place and Sit. Often times loud noises can startle her, but we are working her through it. We continued with a Come to Sit and made our way to the fountain in the Heel command to have her get into an extended Down. Hashbrown has learned her commands and is progressing everyday. She did not fuss one bit in the car to and from and was great overnight once again with no accidents!


Hashbrown and I drove out to the Santa Monica Pier today and we began working her through a few things that can startle her. We parked at a distance from the pier so we can Heel along the bike path and work her through bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and a few joggers. She was a little scared in the beginning but with a little leash tension and some verbal encouragement we managed to work through them. At the Pier, we had Hashbrown walk by a few vendor carts as they were moving and we also had her Sit as I kicked a few trash cans and flapped the lids open and close. She is doing great sleeping all night as she continues with no accidents and her car rides are making a big improvement!


Today we took a trip to Home Depot to continue working Hashbrown through noise distractions and building her confidence more by Placing her onto different objects. As we walked through aisles with shopping carts going back and forth, we noticed a few customers making some noise loading their flatbed carts with different materials such as wood and pipes. We made our way towards the customers and Hashbrown walked right next to me and was not startled at all! She continues to thrive in her kennel rides and remains accident free as she sleeps through the night!


Hashbrown and I took a drive to the Citadel Outlets today. We continue to extend the duration and distance with her Place, Sit, and Down commands with dogs and people serving as a distraction which Hashbrown is getting better at. The drive was great considering we caught a little traffic but I used it to my advantage by rolling the windows down a little and worked her through some 18 wheeler noises, car horns, and some modified vehicle exhaust. Hashbrown made no fuss and was not startled at all! She continues sleeping through the night with no accidents!


Today we went back out to Long Beach as Hashbrown and I continue with loud noise distractions. We conditioned her around loud boat engines and the sound of boat horns. She is also doing very well around bicycles and skateboards. I also took her inside an arcade and worked her around children running and the loud sounds of the games inside. Hashbrown remains accident free in her kennel, she is sleeping well overnight, and I think she is beginning to enjoy her car rides!


Hashbrown and I went out for a walk around my neighborhood today. There were a few dogs being walked and many more in their front yards which worked as a good distraction for Hashbrown with all the barking going on. She would look but did not engage in any kind of way. Aside from Hashbrown succeeding in her kennel by sleeping overnight and not having any accidents so far, she is getting better with her kennel manners. She is learning not to come out when the door opens and to wait for the Break command to do so!


Hashbrown and I went back to the Glendale Galleria today. Getting in the car and driving over there, Hashbrown made no fuss and was not bothered by the sound of rain hitting the car. She was not startled at all by the sound of the windshield wipers going back and forth against my windshield either. During our visit there, we worked on her extended Sit and Down commands with a few strollers being pushed up and down in our direction and Hashbrown maintained her commands. She is doing great at sleeping through the night and not having any accidents!


We took a trip back out to The Grove today and instead of parking in the garage as usual, we decided to find street parking on a main street nearby in order to work Hashbrown through more traffic sounds. She walked right alongside me with no problem through the sound of buses, delivery trucks, and even an ambulance with its sirens on. We were approached by quite a few people praising Hashbrown on how good looking she is as well as how well behaved she is. We also continue to improve her food manners and they get better by the day. Her kennel manners are going great, she’s enjoying the car rides and she loves to relax and sleep through the night with no accidents!


Hashbrown and I drove to the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance today and did a little Christmas shopping. We had the opportunity to walk through the mall which was full of people and a few dogs. Hashbrown was really good and managed not to get overwhelmed given the amount of crowds we were walking through. We had lunch in the food court area and I had Hashbrown practice her Down command as I ate. We were approached by a young couple asking to pet her, so it was the perfect time to continue working on her greeting manners. I had her Sit and the couple began to pet her and Hashbrown maintained her command the whole time! Shortly after, we worked on her Extended Down and she was stellar holding the command for about two minutes! She remains calm in car rides and continues to excel overnight remaining accident free!


Hashbrown and I went out for a walk around the neighborhood again today. We were walking with no problem at all around dogs barking from their yards. What did startle her was a lawn mower as we walked towards some gardeners. I worked her through it from a distance across the street walking her back and forth and she managed to ignore it as we continued walking along. She had an awesome time playing with my French Bulldog today as well! They became really good friends! With two weeks down and one to go, Hashbrown remains accident free and loving the car rides!


Today we took a trip out to Petsmart to get some shopping done for my dogs. Hashbrown did really well staying next to me as I pushed the shopping cart throughout the aisles in the store. She received a good amount of attention from customers and employees for being such a gorgeous and fluffy obedient baby. We came home and I took her out for some playtime in my front yard! She continues to do great in the car and overnight with no accidents!


Hashbrown and I went back to the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance today due to the rainy weather. We worked on her Extended Sit & Down a few times and she did really well. We made a stop at my girlfriend’s house for lunch and we built her confidence more by going up and down the stairs. She was a little scared to give it a try but with patience and a little leash pressure she was able to follow through and overcome her fear! Hashbrown continues her overnight success with no accidents and the rain was not an issue for her in the car!


We took a trip out to the Citadel Outlets again today. Hashbrown and I met with a few other trainers and we got some training done by being each other’s distractions. The other trainers would walk their dogs in front and to the side of Hashbrown to distract her while she is in her Heel command. We then worked on her Extended Down with people walking through the outlets and at the same time have the trainers walk around Hashbrown with their dogs and she did really well! She continues to succeed overnight with no accidents and is loving the car rides more and more!


Today we took a trip down to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hashbrown and I did some training and a little sight seeing as well. As we were walking, Hashbrown was startled by the sound of a jackhammer going off in the middle of the street. We worked her through it with a little leash tension and by walking her back and forth a few times. With all the construction noise, the sound of traffic, and some loud music, Hashbrown is adapting really well! She sleeps comfortably overnight with no accidents, and the car rides are so great that my son did not notice she was in the car when I picked him up after training!


As these three weeks come to a close, I want to thank you for giving me the time to work with Hashbrown! It has been an incredible journey and I am truly amazed at how far she has come along these last 21 days. We became the best of friends and I am extremely proud of her! She has been so great remaining accident free and sleeping through the night and has been one of the best co-pilots! As we prepare her final video, here is a little preview of Hashbrown in action on Hollywood Blvd! Thank you so much!


Hashbrown and I took one final trip out to Glendale today! She has successfully completed her Three Week Puppy Board and Train Program! I am very happy and excited to know that Hashbrown has accomplished so much and is ready to go home! Not one accident the whole time she was with us, she adjusted really great to car rides, and an amazing job at sleeping through the night! Thank you once again for trusting me with Hashbrown! She is one of a kind and will truly be missed! Great job Hashbrown!

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