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Harley | Golden Retriever | Long Beach, CA

Sweet Harley is a 1 and a half year old golden who we will be working with for the next two weeks! Harley heavily struggles with leash manners and makes walks nearly impossible because she is such a curious girl who wants to pull toward anything and everything! Harley is very strong, making her hard to manage in new surroundings. Harley will be working on cleaning up her commands along with learning boundaries! Stay tuned for her transformation!


pupdate #2


pupdate #3


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pupdate #7

Harley worked on all commands today during a distraction filled time period. As kids got out of school many passed by and we’re temptations for harley to get excited and she did great!


pupdate #8


pupdate #9


pupdate #10


pupdate #11

Working on commands at the Americana in Glendale



pupdate #12


pupdate #13

Harley has been loving her off leash freedom and is doing so much better in new environments. We practiced place on a new object today and while she was a bit hesitant at first she worked through the challenge and got up


pupdate #14


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