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Halford | Mini Aussie Dog Training | Marina Del Rey, CA

Halford, a five month old Mini Aussie from Marina Del Rey, CA recently completed his 2 Week Board & Train program with Balanced Canine Training SoCal. Halford was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal dog trainer Michael Dark.



Pupdate 09/29/2019

Halford's temporary home for the next couple of weeks

Halford getting to know Oso (lab), Lila (Maltipoo), and Bugsy (mini-Yorkie).

So Halford did a little heeling work, introducing him to the collar. Things went well, so as a reward, here is the back yard- have fun!


Pupdate 09/30/2019

Yes, that is Halford working a double heel with my trainer Chris. Since Halford pays significantly less attention to working the commands with a dog distraction we asked Halford to work with another dog. Not a bad effort for day one.


Pupdate 10/1/2019

So Halford walked lots today; 12.2 miles in 263 minutes. We worked specifically on heel all day. You'll see why.

I do want to reassure you the corrections that I'm giving are extremely low. I started at 9, went to 8, and finished at 7. For the most part these are all verbal commands. Halford does a great job of checking in (looking up at me) while off leash. All by day two!


Pupdate 10/2/2019

When you are the kid of a dog trainer, you too are a dog trainer. This is Henry, he is 12 years old and an aspiring golfer- sort of. On the way to school Henry "volunteered" to help with Halford. Henry has spent maybe an hour with Halford, so expectations are low for their performance.

Arguably the best part is the bike distraction. Halford doesn't lose his mind, but actually heels better with it next to him (healthy fear likely).

We finished the day at the Grove working more heel with people and animal distractions. Was going very well until security asked me/us to leave because "walking your dog off leash is a crime, and we can have you arrested". Halford busted out laughing as we went on our way.


Pupdate 10/03/2019

Our trip to Culver City included a diversion to Venice Beach. I know, not exactly around the corner. Halford as is evident from the Whistle Activity screen shot made it all the way there and back (not exactly sure 18 miles is accurate). So what does Halford do when give the opportunity to relax, sleeps with the Freshman.


Pupdate 10/04/2019

Super long video; skip ahead about 90 seconds, then it starts. Simply working on heel with limited distractions. Obviously things get more distracting inside Lowes, but nothing that Halford cannot handle.


Pupdate 10/5/2019

You can see the people inside at the Boy Scout meeting. Oso and Halford have to be able to sit/down and stay with people coming and going.

This is normally what I get from Halford in the car. I don't think he ever bothers watching what is happening around him.


Pupdate 10/06/2019


Pupdate 10/7/2019

Hi all, I know what you are thinking; didn't we see this before? This is the back end of the clip from yesterday. I left the sound as is so you can have perspective of the distractions that Halford is working with. In addition to crossing a busy street, Halford passes three restaurants, a baby buggy, and another dog.

The reason for part two is, I the camera man, deleted ALL the work today. I'm very sorry, I simply pushed the wrong button during the downloading process. I thought it incredibly unfair to ask Halford to recreate the work we did today. We will go back out tonight, but I wanted you to see something, and reassure you that Halford is working and getting better each day.

Again, my sincerest apologies.


Pupdate 10/08/2019

Off leash the entire time. If you don't care for the music it is only 2:40 long; just had to have one song for Rob Halford. Your Halford did wonderfully. His heel is getting tighter, most noise distractions he persevered. He still wants to go over and say hi to everyone, which proves problematic during heel.


So, back at Boy Scouts tonight, this time 100% off leash. Halford doesn't stray too far from Oso however.


Pupdate 10/9/2019

Halford does a great job with the off leash heeling on Main Street in Huntington Beach, CA. Halford does encounter two dogs who's owners aren't paying close attention. He also discovers marble for the first time- hysterical!


Pupdate 10/10/2019

Hope all is well in GB!

This is my mom, Jan. She is 75 years young, a world traveler, and suffers from the onset of dementia. Jan forgets the daily things that are discussed. She often asks the same question multiple times as she doesn't remember where she is going in the afternoon. Needless to say, we check in on her and my dad a couple of times per week when they aren't traveling the globe.

Halford came along and after MANY failed attempts this is what I got. Halford was so generous and kind with my mother. He did his best to follow her wonky lead, despite knowing better. After the walk he curled up in her lap and went to sleep. It really made her day.

I share for a couple of reasons, my mom is someone who would benefit from interactions with Halford. I can't encourage you enough to let Halford participate in a Therapy Dog program. We are a member of along with Oso. It will be difficult with the new baby on the way, but Halford is an ideal candidate for this type of work.

The other reason I shared, is despite my mom getting confused between sit, down, heel, etc. Halford cruised along as if he had been doing this for years. Good boy Halford.


Pupdate 10/11/2019

Yup, Hollywood Blvd- Off Leash! Halford was amazing, trainer, not so much, lol.


Pupdate 10/12/2019

Halford wasn't interested in see the Hacienda CC this morning. We went up above our house for a walk and a visit to the dog park. Halford, as expected, didn't break command despite many little dogs yapping at him.


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