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Gizmo | Golden Retriever | Hawthorne, CA

Gizmo the Golden Retriever from Hawthorne, CA recently completed our 2 Week Board & Train Program. Gizmo was trained by OffLeash SoCal's Heather Acosta.

In Training:

Welcome 6 month old Gizmo to our two week board & train program.

Place will be used to help Gizmo with stability and duration work. So he’s not mouth his little human or jumping on guests that come to the door.

A solid recall ’COME’ is one of the first streps when it comes to training, as well as building a relationship!!!

Learning HEEL; When the walk is easier and more enjoyable, more walks will be taken to keep energy drained and much needed socializing.

The DOWN command is one of my personal favorites. who doesn’t love a relaxed calm dog.

Fiel trip day for Gizmo; He did great with all the distraction.

Beach day.

Gizmo says, i should teach these humans PLACE too.

Loving his Off Leash freedom.

Do you agree that baby Gizmo deserves a star on the walk of fame?

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