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King Charles Spaniel - Dog Traniner | Gio | Los Angeles, CA


Welcome, Gio! He is a sweet, smart boy from Los Angeles. He lives for attention and loves treats! He also loves barking! Especially when no one is giving him attention or food. He does not like to share his special snacks or walk nicely on a leash when there are distractions. But he is happy to just relax and get all the loving from anyone. I can't wait to see what this cute little guy learns these next three weeks!


Pupdate 12/20/20

Gio spent the first day settling into his new environment. We went for a little walk, he got very tired, immediately took a nap upon returning. After his nap, he learned place with his food. He did enjoy that then he worked on place for his dinner while we watched, Jason Momoa's 2018 movie, Braven. He took a second nap during the movie, where a montage of snoring competed with the action scenes. He did bark whenever we walked out of the room but he fell asleep shortly after we told him it was bedtime.


Pupdate 12/21/20

Gio went to the park to learn about the e collar and work on come to sit. We went on shorter walks so he wouldn't get too tired. He saw some dogs and was not a fan! We will be working on that. He did not finish his breakfast today but he did eat his dinner amount. He was very tired after his walk and took a nap on place while we watch an episode of The Night Shift.


Pupdate 12/22/20

Gio had a big adventure today. He went walking with me, my dog and bird, to visit my dad. He was not a fan of my dad or dog but he learned that they weren't so bad after all. He also met my Uncle and he was not his fan. He seems to not like men coming up to him, we will be working on this. He also got to add some place objects to his belt and worked on loose leash walking.


Pupdate 12/23/20

Gio spent the day working on adding duration to place and sit. He went for some small walks around the neighborhood to work on loose leash walking and the e collar. He did not want to eat all his breakfast but did finish his dinner. He also began his door and food manners.


Pupdate 12/24/20

Moose had an exciting day going to the park and meeting some new dogs and working with another trainer. He met Gio the Lagotto and worked around lots of distractions. He ate all his food and went on some short walks. He then placed to 3 episodes of Hilda.


Pupdate 12/25/20

Gio had a festive day! He worked on his manners with food and the crate. He went for a walk with the family after placing through dinner! He then was very tired after our walk and took a nap on place to the movie The Croods.


Pupdate 12/26/20

Gio went on an adventure with me today. I had to run to home depot and he went along to work on his heeling and distractions (social distancing of course). He was an excellent boy. He got tired really fast so we came home and he worked on place (his favorite) while I worked on the computer. Then we went for a short evening walk and he enjoyed the cooler weather. It helped him walk farther. He went right back and wanted to nap. He did not finish his breakfast but ate all his dinner.


Pupdate 12/27/20

Gio had a productive day today. Working on all of his commands and building the distance and duration. We went for some walks to work on heeling with the leash dragging. He worked on duration place while I worked with my dogs and he worked on adding duration to his door manners.


Pupdate 12/28/20

Gio spent the day avoiding the rain. He was not a fan of our walks outside to go potty. He enjoyed working on sharing bones with me. A new friend came to visit and he got to use him as a distraction for place work. He also got a treat from my bird who thinks she's a dog and brought him a dog treat she throw off the table.


Pupdate 12/29/20

Gio spent the day working on adding more distractions to his commands and dragging a shorter leash on our walks. He met my dog Mercedes, she loves being a distraction to work around due to her lively energy, even after recovering from surgery a few weeks ago. He was very intrigued by her "talking", she likes to make strange, excited noises when she's out and about. We worked on him ignoring all the bugs that are walking about due to the past few days of rain. He also worked on adding duration to his place while I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and ate dinner. He is now very accustomed to napping on place and does not hold back on snoring.


Pupdate 12/30/20


Gio had a great day! He worked with my nephew practicing all his commands. He went for an off leash walk in the evening and got to look at the pretty lights. He is adding distance to his place and duration to his puppy push-ups. He didn't finish his breakfast but ate all of his dinner.


Pupdate 12/31/20

Gio spent the last day of 2020 living his best off-leash life so far! He now has the freedom to just be with everyone else and hang out! He got to hang out on place with my dogs while I worked outside. All our walks were off-leash to work on impulse control. We even walked passed a few motorcycles. They were not in a group, it was just one at a time randomly on 2 of our walks but he is making progress. He finished the night placing with my other dogs while we watched Soul! He did not finish all his dinner but ate all his breakfast!


Pupdate 01/01/21

Gio enjoyed the first day of the new year working on his commands on and off-leash. Learning to incorporate them in our daily routine. He met my other dog Sergeant and walked with him on one of his walks and the other with Stitch. At first he was not a fan of Sergeant but he worked on it. They spent the evening watching The Croods 2 on place.


Pupdate 01/02/21

Gio had a good day today. He went to the park and worked on weave poles. He worked on adding duration to tuck/under, and duration down. He spent the evening watching Sonic the Hedgehog on place and for a bit on duration down! He worked on his send to place and send to the crate.


Pupdate 01/03/21

Gio went on an adventure today! We had to go back to home depot and that meant more training in public! (Safely!) He worked on his send away to place, down with distractions and moving place objects! He worked on his off-leash heeling and unloading and loading up in the car. He then slept in his duration place while we ended the night with the movie Stuber!


Pupdate 01/04/21

Gio quite the day! He went to the park with another trainer and worker around her dogs off leash! There were airplanes flying overhead and we got to work around them! We worked on tuck/ under with dog distractions. We also worked on duration down with distractions and sharing.


Pupdate 01/05/21


Gio went with me to the store to pick up some dog food. He worked on his off-leash heel, down, and sit in a very distracting pet store! He also went to the park and worked on send to place and auto sits. He finished the night with duration down while we watched 3 episodes of My Sassy Girl on Netflix while eating dinner.


Pupdate 01/06/21

Gio went on an off-leash adventure with my dog Stitch today! We went to a nearby park to do a bit of off-leash hiking! We worked around a lot of distractions. He worked on his duration down and auto sits in real-time applications. He also worked on send to place. Later we went to an outdoor mall to work on weaving and duration sits. He ate all his food!


Pupdate 01/07/21

Gio had quite the day. We went to an outdoor mall and worked on all his commands. He worked on his heel, send to place, and place to place. He also worked on his duration sit and down. He ate all of his breakfast but did not finish all of his dinner.


Pupdate 01/08/21

Gio went to a new park today and worked on his distractions and distance! He worked on his car and food manners. As well as his duration down with distractions. He also worked on his come to sit. He ate all his breakfast but didn't finish his dinner.


Pupdate 01/09/21

Gio had a fun day working outside on his manners. We worked on his door manners while I did some chores and he worked on his food manners and loading in and out of the car. He also worked on tuck/ under and duration place. We went on an off leash walk with my dog Stitch and we ended the night on place to the movie Ugly Dolls.


Pupdate 01/10/21

Gio got to relax today after going on another trip to home depot. In the evening he watched tv on his bed with my mom. At home depot he got to show off his place skills on the rolling cart. He also worked adding different objects to under. He ate 1 can in the morning and only ate half of 1 in the evening. Because he hasn't been finishing all his food he still has extra cans.



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