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Gili | Sheepadoodle | Marina Del Rey, CA - In Training

Gili is a Sheepadoodle coming for training from Marina Del Rey. She is a year old and over her lifetime she has begun habits that her mom would like to work towards. She is great with dogs and wants to play with everyone. Her owners say she likes most people but can be a bit skittish with men but typically warms up to them pretty quickly. We have noticed she does a "Watchdog" bark when she hears strange noises or new people enter the house and when she is unsure of something going on around her. According to her owners, it is nearly impossible to get Gili to calm down quickly which is sometimes bothersome. Overall, our goal with Gili is for her to be more respectful in all aspects of her life and help with her leash manners including pulling when she sees another dog and biting her owner's ankles, and greeting people (jumping all over them, licking, etc).


Pupdate #2


Pupdate #3


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Pupdate #10

holding commands near distractions


Ppupdate #10


Pupdate #11

enjoying some park time today with the company of other dogs!


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