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Gemma | Pitbull Labrador Husky Mix | Tujunga, CA

Gemma, 5 month old Mix, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 3 week board and train program. Gemma is sweet girl who loves to play with every doggie friend she makes. She loves people but likes to jump when greeting them. She does know some commands, but chooses when she wants to listen to her owners. Over the 3 weeks she will be working on her off leash obedience, impulse control, and off leash walking. Check in to see Gemma’s progress!


Pupdate 5/25/2020

Today Gemma and her sister got to meet my rooster and chickens. Gemma wanted to make new friends, but the rooster didn’t want to be friendly. Today I introduced her to the e collar and conditioned her to it. She doesn’t seem to mind it. We started working on the come to sit command. Gemma is having a blast with her sister and all her new friends!


Pupdate 5/26/2020

Today Gemma and I went to the park to work on obedience commands. All of our trainers met up today to train, so Gemma got to make new friends. We practiced more some more on the come and sit commands. She was more interested in all the distractions around us (people, dogs, ducks, etc.), but she did very well for her second day of training.


Pupdate: 5/27/2020

Today Gemma learned a new command, Place. She did a great job and caught on very quick. This command is great for teaching calmness as well as building up a dogs confidence. She made me laugh today while we were training. She decided she didn’t want to practice anymore, so she laid in the grass and played dead like a possum. She didn’t want to budge until I brought out some yummy treats.


Pupdate 5/28/2020

Gemma practicing the loose leash heel. She still needs some more practice, but she is walking on leash a lot better now. She hardly pulls and stays right at my side.


Pupdate 5/29/2020


Pupdate 5/30/2020

Gemma learning the down command.


Pupdate 5/31/2020


Pupdate 6/1/2020

Today we went to the park to practice commands. Gemma had some fun and try new place objects. She was a little hesitant at first, but after I helped and reassured her that she would be okay, she jumped up on the benches with no problem. She is doing very well with the down command.


Pupdate 6/2/2020


Pupdate 6/3/2020

Gemma practicing duration down, off leash.


Pupdate 6/4/2020

Gemma learned a new command today, Under. She caught on to this command very fast. It only took her 10-15 minutes to figure out what I was asking her to do.


Pupdate 6/5/2020


Pupdate 6/6/2020

Sisters working together on their commands. Gemma has been doing an awesome job with her training, she is completely off leash now!


Pupdate 6/7/2020


Pupdate 6/8/2020


Pupdate 6/9/2020


Pupdate 6/10/2020

Today we tried to beat the heat and had a puppy pool party. I took Gemma and Freya to a friends house where they made a new friend, Blue the Pitbull. Gemma had a great time playing And swimming in the pool, except for when she walked on to a floaty and realized it moved and wasn’t sturdy. Once it cooled down, she got a bath and we practiced all the commands at home. She‘s definitely going to sleep good tonight from all the fun she had today.


Pupdate 6/11/2020


Pupdate 6/12/2020



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