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Fritz | Mini Goldendoodle | La Canada, CA | In-Training

Six month old Fritz, finally in for a world famous two week Board and Train. Fritz is a puppy that has developed a bit slower than some due to medical reasons. Fritz has no outward issues, but enjoys jumping on strangers, generally doesn't walk well on a leash, and instead of recalling back to the owner, runs all the way home.


Pupdate 06/21/2021

15.6 Pounds

Like we discussed, Fritz has spent a large portion of the day roaming around the yard smelling everything and becoming used to Oso. Oso desperately wants to play, but Fritz isn't there yet- likely will happen in the next few days.


Pupdate 06/22/2021

Fritz out taking me for a drag for the last time...


Pupdate 06/23/2021

Fritz very much enjoys playing ball with my wife (!???) I've discovered that Fritz is not really interested in doing anything for me except when I ask her to work. My wife gets all her attention and interest. Oso is generally jealous that another dog has paid my wife attention.


Pupdate 06/24/2021

The best looking Fritz of the day!

After the morning issues and a bath, Fritz returned to work mid-day and early afternoon. We focused on heel primarily where she is steadily improving. There was late afternoon play time with Oso and my wife. She is starting to come out of her shell with Oso, but still views me with skepticism


. Pupdate 06/25/2021


Pupdate 06/26/2021

Ventured out to Lowes after the AM walk today. Generally Fritz did well with some exceptions; she tried to jump on a complete stranger (didn't reach because of the leash) and the circling seemed more pronounced with the ramped up distractions. We will continue to head out in public now that Fritz has a general understanding of basic obedience.


Pupdate 06/27/2021

Had the pups in the living room working on duration down and duration sit. Fritz like getting up on her own and floating around which is in contrast to what we are asking her to do.

Fritz's new accommodations for the next week. She can still move around (circled at 0430 today) but we are giving her less room to urinate and defecate in the crate. It looks worse than it is, and the upside is huge, so I hope we can all be in agreement with this arrangement moving forward. Fritz hasn't had any issues since making this change. One day is one day more than previously.


Pupdate 06/28/2021

Home Depot has distractions galore, so it is a wonderful place to practice both in door and out. The company is dog friendly so Fritz is always welcome.

Fritz decided to eat from my hand this morning. Hunger always has a way of making a pup easier to manage.


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