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Pit Bull Mix - Dog Training | Friday | Los Angeles, CA

Friday, a Pit Bull from Los Angeles, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 1 week Board & Train dog training program. Friday was trained by dog trainer Chris Louie in Norwalk, CA.

Day of drop off

I would like to introduce you to Off Leash SoCal’s newest recruit, Friday. Friday is a four month old pitbull mix who has been rescued from a shelter. He was adopted by a rockstar mom who only wants the best for her pup, for as long as he lives. Within one week we will see Friday transform from a happy go lucky puppy, to a well behaved young man. I fully believe that with the love, confidence, and training he will receive that Friday will be a forever GOOD BOY.

On day one Friday is already making new Four- Legged friends.


Pupdate 02/24/2020


PUPDATE 02/25/2020

Friday got some great training in today, at Lowes. He got a lot of exposure to more distractions than he’s used to. We worked through him wanting to say hi to everyone, and he learned it’s ok to place on different objects. I’m so proud of Friday’s success in two days.


Pupdate 02/26/2020


PUPDATE 02/27/2020

Friday has been putting In a lot of hard work these last four days, so I decided that today we would have a puppy play date. A puppy play date is a chance for him to interact with the pack and have as much fun as possible. I can’t wait to show off Fridays progress on Sunday.


PUPDATE 02/28/2020

Friday and I went to Hollywood Blvd. today. He was exposed to all kinds of distractions from tourist wanting to pet him to Spider-Man jumping over him. All and all, I'd say the boy got some great training in.


Pupdate 02/29/2020


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