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Evie | Black Mouth Curr | Newbury Park, Ca | In - Training

Meet Evie, the sweet 20 month old Black Mouth Curr from Newbury Park, Ca. Evie is here for our Two Week Board and Train Program. She is super smart, she loves to play, and she has great personality. Evie is here to learn basic obedience in public distractions, leash pulling, and house manners. Stay tuned for her Two week Transformation!


Pupdate: 9/12/21


Pupdate: 9/13/21


Pupdate: 9/14/21


Pupdate: 9/15/21


Pupdate: 9/16/21


Pupdate: 9/17/21


Pupdate: 9/18/21


Pupdate: 9/19/21


Pupdate: 9/20/21


Pupdate: 9/21/20

Sweet Evie did a great job with her confidence building today! We took a trip to Target, where she did great with her heel command. Shes gotten a lot better on her walks, and she’s a lot more responsive to her name when called. She felt like she was on top of the world today! Check back tomorrow to see her next adventure!


Pupdate: 9/22/21

Evie started her day out great! We went to Cheviot park where she worked with some other trainers, it has helped a lot with her attachment behavior. She also did a good job at the village plaza walking past people with a loose leash and maintaining her commands. She has become accustom to sleeping in her kennel, and has a regular stool when going to the restroom. Shes doing a great job, Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate: 9/23/21

Evie did well Today again at the village and at target. She’s definitely a lot more comfortable in public areas. She also gets pretty excited when it’s time to load up for a ride. She’s always ready for the next adventure! Stay tuned!


Pupdate: 9/24/21

Evie did a good job today with her commands while off leash. She’s gained so much confidence since day one! Evie has been a happy girl and enjoys her adventure, check back in tomorrow for her last day!


Pupdate: 9/25/21

Sweet Evie had a great last day. We went for one last walk around the city and she did a great job on her commands. She’s gained so much confidence and knowledge during this training it looks good on her! Great Job Evie!



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