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Ember | Rottweiler | Rancho Cucamonga | In-Training

Meet Ember a one year old Rottweiler from Rancho Cucamonga! She is a sweet girl who plays referee for her two much smaller siblings. She is a bit slow to start on walks and in general is a bit of a scaredy cat. She doesn't come when called and tends to get over enthusiastic about visitors often jumping on them with all 80+ of her pounds! Her and her two siblings are here with OffLeash Socal for the next 14 days in our Two-Week Board and Train program and I am so excited to see how much they are all going to grow and learn. Stay tuned for her two week transformation!


Pupdate 09/06/2020

Ember is all settled in! She is quite timid and is taking a bit to get comfy and come out of her shell, but I've gotten a couple quick kisses and a bunch of smiles. I can't wait until she is fully herself! She wasn't super hungry this evening, but it is incredibly common for pups to skip their first meal. She isn't a huge fan of getting into the kennel but once she is in there she is an absolute angel. She has become very well aquainted with just about every blade of grass in the backyard!


Pupdate 09/07/2020

Embers first lesson today went so well! She is adjusting to the E-Collar very well! She is such a sweet girl and I can't wait to work her through a bunch of her fears and see her blossom! She wasn't super hungry this morning but worked up her full appetite by dinner eating a whole 4 cups. She also has worked through a ton of her Kennel hesitation as well as her fear of the scale!


Pupdate 09/08/2020

The big girl is coming out of her shell more and more! She is eating great, kenneling really well, and coming along with her commands! We worked on her Recall, Heel, Sit and Break commands today. She is really starting to get it! As she gets a better understanding of Heel in particular I am seeing her gain so much confidence about being outside and it absolutely warms my heart to see her tail come up a bit and get those big smiles!


Pupdate 09/09/2020

The smiley momma is working really hard! We are working on getting her heel without leash direction down and starting to add some distance/duration to her Sit command. She is eating well, sleeping well, digging the kennel, and getting tons of love!


Pupdate 09/10/2020

This girl did some really hard work today! I am so dang proud of her! We did some confidence training, with one of the activities being what is called an A-Frame. She was absolutely terrified of it at first. She completely shut down and didn't even want to put a single paw on it let alone climb over. After a lot of patience and rewarding every small ounce of progress she made, she finally committed to going over and ended up with the biggest smile! The second time I asked her she was a little hesitant but came over pretty quick and by the third and fourth all I had to to was gesture to it and she was sprinting over it with a smile. Seeing her tail come up and watching confidence boost when she conquered it was such a joy! Working her through activities that scare her is so important, it builds her confidence in herself and helps her trust that you have her back. I can't wait to see how much she is going to grow in the next week!


Pupdate 09/12/2020

This big girl is really coming out of her shell! She found a new favorite toy today (a leather Pull) that she loves to get as a reward for working and throw around! We worked on a bit of everything today. We worked on Place as well as going from one "Place" to another. She is really starting to catch on to everything! We then did a walk around the neighborhood with a stop at a school to practice some duration/distance Sitting, Auto Sit practice, as well as get her used to correcting what side she is on to the correct one if she is started off wrong. She is familiar with all of the commands so now we are going to work on getting her confident doing them everywhere!


Pupdate 09/12/2020

Miss Ember worked hard today! She did a whole walk around the neighborhood dragging her leash. We then worked on her Place skills, Side Correction, Sit with Distance, and her Recall! She is doing awesome, I am so proud of her!


Pupdate 09/13/2020

The sweet girl got to practice with her siblings today! They did really great with each other. Amanda even Heeled all three of them at once! Ember was a bit tight, not always leaving quite enough room for Link and Zelda, but overall they did awesome for a first try! Ember is making so much progress everyday and it was so much fun getting to see all three of them working hard together!


Pupdate 09/14/2020

Miss Ember worked really hard today! We did a little bit of everything while exploring the local library grounds. She was getting all kinds of oo's and ahh's from bystanders! Her side correcting is looking awesome, she is getting so excited about placing on new objects, and is such a proud girl when Sitting or Downing at a distance or Heeling with me all with out any leash direction at all! She did get afraid of the grate on a metal bridge but once we worked through it she was happily walking it over it with me. no fear at all. She is also starting to absolutely love the Kennel often going in there of her own volition when we come in from working or potty/play breaks.


Pupdate 09/15/2020

Miss Ember working at the shopping center! She gets really hot and tired pretty quick during the day so I did her longer lesson in the evening today to get some duration in! She did awesome. She has come such a long way and I can't wait to film her final video!


Pupdate 09/16/2020

Miss Ember is doing so great! We worked at the Duck Park today and while she was a little overwhelmed at first but leaned on all the obedience she has learned to feel more comfortable! She is such a happy momma and I am loving seeing her confidence grow every day!


Pupdate 09/17/2020

Miss Ember got herself all ready to show off to her brother and sister in the morning! She has come such a long way! We worked on her recall today by overcoming her fear of the kiddie pool. She was terrified of it at first but with some direction and patience she eventually was running straight in to join me and get in her recall position. We worked advancing a few of her commands today. She learned to do some solid puppy push ups (Going back and forth between Sits and Downs). She is such a happy girl!


Pupdate 09/18/2020

Ember is one tired momma! She worked so hard this morning with Link and Zelda to film their final video, she has been absolutely tanked all day! She is just about ready to get packed up to go home! She has been so much fun to work with, her sweet hugs and kisses will be sorely missed, but I can't wait to get to show off everything she has learned!


Pupdate 09/19/2020

Miss ember filmed the last couple pieces of her final video and got lots of goodbye cuddles! She is all packed up and ready to go home in the morning. She is going to be so missed. Here is a sneak peak of her, Link, and Zelda's final video together!!


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