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Echo | Labrador Retriever | La Habra Heights, CA | In Training

Meet Echo! She’s an eight-month-old Labrador Retriever from La Habra Heights, California, who is joining us for our two-week board and train program. She is a sweet girl, but does not know basic commands yet such as sit, down, or heel. She sometimes gets a bit too excited and likes to jump on people and pull on the leash. She is also prone to behaviors such as eating things off the ground and chewing on furniture around the house. Over the next fourteen days, we will be working on her obedience and manners both on and off-leash. Stay tuned for her transformation!


Pupdate 2/19/2023

Echo and I spent the day bonding and getting to know one another! After picking her up at the park, I spent some time seeing if she responds to any basic commands. She did seem to understand the concept of come, but did not listen to it reliably- especially around distractions such as smells in the bushes. While looking her over, I did notice she has some dandruff in her fur and some dirt in her ears. I cleaned her up as best I could, and will be monitoring this over the next fourteen days. When I brought her home, she was a little hesitant about going up the stairs, but quickly warmed up to her new environment and settled in nicely. I introduced her to the come to sit command, and she was better at listening due to there being fewer distractions than at the park. After the training session, she still had a lot of energy, so we played fetch with a ball and went on a nice walk around my neighborhood.


Pupdate 2/20/2023

Today Echo and I went to a local park, where we worked on teaching her the “come to sit” command in a new, distracting environment. The goal for this command is to tell her to come, have her approach my right side and circle around my back, and end with a sit on my left side facing forwards. I have her finish the command on the left side so that she is ready and in the correct position to begin walking in a heel if the command is given. This is her first training session in a distracting environment, and as you can see she is very focused on her surroundings. There was little to no engagement with me, and most of her attention was on other people, dogs, toys, etc. With proper training, she will begin to realize that it is much more rewarding to focus on me, rather than on any distractions. This is something she will learn over the next few days as we continue to develop a bond and establish the new rules for her training. As you can see in the video, she begins to understand that I want her to come to me when I give her the command, but she gets a little bit confused when it comes to circling around and sitting where she needs to. Sometimes she would come to the wrong side, or stop/sit in front of or behind me instead of on my left side. She did manage to complete the command with some leash pressure to help guide her, though many more repetitions will be needed before she masters her come to sit. After the park, we headed home and rested for a bit, before going on a walk around the neighborhood. While on the walk, I continued to work on teaching her not to pull on the leash, and to instead walk in a heel position on my left side. By the end of the walk, she began to give me more focus and was showing signs of understanding as she refrained from pulling or veering off to smell her surroundings. She is starting to grasp the concept of these new commands, and as the days go on I will continue to be consistent with her training so that she can be on the right path to perfecting her obedience!


Pupdate 2/21/2023

Today Echo and I walked to a nearby park, where we continued to practice her heel and come to sit commands. She showed improvement in both of these commands, though we will continue to practice these every day so she can learn to master them. I also introduced the "place" command to her, which she was hesitant about at first but quickly caught on. Once she figured it out, she would happily jump onto and sit on objects such as park benches and other raised surfaces. More work will need to be done to enforce holding her position, as she tends to jump down or change position if I go more than a couple of steps away. During our time together, we will continue working on increasing the duration and distance from her, so that she can learn to remain in a stationary position such as place for multiple minutes, even if I am not right beside her, or if there are distractions around. She has shown some improvement when working around distractions, and was able to listen and follow through with commands around people and children, other dogs, and toys like frisbees and balls being thrown nearby. At this stage, she still needs to be regularly reminded not to let these distractions prevent or delay her from following the commands given. She has a good understanding of each of the commands introduced so far, and knows what to do when given these commands. From here, we will work on cleaning up her form, and continue working on keeping her focus on me, no matter what environment we are in. On another note, I have noticed her scratching a lot, which may be due to her dry skin. It's not good to let her scratch excessively, as it may cause further damage to her fur and skin. I have been preventing this by reminding her of the command "off", which is in essence the command we use for any behavior we need the dog to stop doing. This is something I will continue to monitor, and keep an eye out for any changes.


Pupdate 2/22/2023

Echo and I visited a park today, where we spent some more time practicing place, come to sit, and heel. She was much more confident when performing the place command today, and showed little to no hesitation toward jumping onto places, even ones that were new to her. We worked on place next to a playground, where there were distractions such as little kids, strollers, and people walking by. She has shown confidence when it comes to jumping up to the designated place, but we still need to do more work on getting her to hold the stationary command that is given, which was sit in today's case. She will usually hold the position if I am right beside her, though she gets antsy and wants to get up from her sit or jump down and follow me when I step away. As the days go on, I will continue gradually adding both distance and duration to her commands so that she can learn to hold them until released or given a new command.

As for her come to sit, she is definitely getting the hang of the maneuver, and understands what I want her to do when she is told to come. Though when distractions are present she still tends to lose focus, and needs some light leash pressure to remind her where she needs to be. Now that she understands the foundations of the command, we will be visiting increasingly distracting locations to test her focus, and teach her that she needs to listen and follow through with her commands, especially recall, no matter where she is, where I am, or what surrounds us.

For her heel, she has drastically improved in following this command, and no longer runs ahead of me and tries to pull me around in every direction. She understands that when given the heel command, she is to walk by my side and pay attention to me so that she can follow my lead. She isn't quite to the point of fully loose-leash walking just yet, as she does have a tendency to walk slightly ahead of me which will be corrected until she finds the sweet spot where I need her to be. At this point, most of the work on this command is focused on cleaning up her form, ensuring that she remains in proper heel position and does not leave my side regardless of any tempting distractions. We are also working on an automatic sit, meaning that when she is in a heel position and I stop moving, she is to stop with me and go into a sit.

I also introduced her to the down command at home, where we could work with fewer distractions. Down can be tough for dogs to master, as it's an instinctually submissive position and it can be hard for them to feel comfortable doing it on command. Thankfully, Echo appears to trust me and was eager to follow the command once she understood what I was asking of her. She readily went into a down position when told to while inside the house, and was able to do it again while out on a walk with no major distractions nearby. Since she seems to be grasping this new command quickly, we will continue to work on this in increasingly distracting areas. The goal is to have her feel comfortable performing and holding this position anywhere we go.

On another note, here is an update on Echo's fecal situation that was discovered and discussed with her owner yesterday. Upon her going potty again this morning on our walk, I found several more parasitic worms in her stool that upon closer inspection were actively moving around on her feces. To my knowledge, I believe this is a tapeworm infection. I took a quick video, and made sure to clean up the area thoroughly afterward. The worms currently only seem to be passed while she is defecating, and thankfully I have yet to see any in her fur or around/coming out of her rear. She's also eating normally, and appears to have plenty of energy so it shouldn't cause any issues with her training unless the condition worsens in any way. I will continue monitoring this situation closely.


Pupdate 2/23/2023

Echo and I walked to a local outdoor shopping area, where there were lots of distractions such as cars, people, and other dogs passing by. Here we continued to work on each of her commands, including sit, place, down, heel, and come to sit. I was able to have her on the long leash and create a good amount of distance from her during her sit command on the sidewalk, which she was able to hold for over a minute while I was about ten feet away walking around her. I will continue adding distance and duration to this command, as well as working on getting her to hold her sit whether she is on the ground or on top of an object for place. When she is performing place, she still struggles to hold the position at times and needs to be reminded every so often, but she has improved a lot and is showing restraint from wanting to hop down.

She struggled a bit today with the down command, and needed a bit of coaxing to get her into a proper down position while outside. Once in a down, she constantly needed to be reminded to hold the position even if I step away. We did many repetitions of this, and so far she was able to hold it for about 30 seconds. This is something we will continue to work on as her training progresses. Each day I'm seeing her make progress in the right direction as she understands more and becomes more comfortable and confident in her commands.

Though I have noticed she tends to get a bit nervous around certain people and dogs that pass by, and is prone to breaking commands in order to get away from what is making her nervous by trying to go behind me for comfort/safety. This is often noticeable when she is working on heel with me, as she's mostly got it down and usually remains right beside me, but occasionally will try to switch sides or move behind me to get away from an oncoming person or dog. As she experiences more types of situations and environments during our outings, she should begin to build more confidence in situations like this and not feel the need to hide behind me. We are still working on loose leash walking, which she is showing good progress in but still needs occasional reinforcement to remind her where she needs to be, as she sometimes tries to walk a step too far ahead of me.

Her come to sit still needs more work around distractions, as she still struggles with completing the movement as instructed. When there are no distractions, she is nearly perfect with the command, as she comes directly when called, circles around from my right side, and ends in an automatic sit on my left side with her head by my legs. Though once distractions are present, she tends to perform the command only halfway, or in a sloppy manner. She is good at coming to me when called, but sometimes she stops and sits right in front of me or behind me, and needs to be guided back to my left side where I need her to be. She knows what she needs to do, but tries to get away with a sloppier version of it because she wants to get it over with so she can get back to looking at the interesting things around her. As I continue to reinforce and correct her for this, she will eventually come to terms that she needs to follow through with the entire command regardless of the situation.

I have also begun gradually weaning her off leash pressure, as she has a good understanding of the e-collar stimulation by now. When she feels the stimulation, she knows that she needs to focus on and listen to me, so that she can decipher which command she is being told or reminded of. This can be a learning curve for some dogs, as this form of pressure is rather new and does not have the clear guidance of direction that a leash provides. This causes the dog to have to think, and problem-solve to turn off the pressure. Echo has been catching on quickly, as I've been using both leash pressure and the e-collar simultaneously with commands so she understands they essentially mean the same thing. Even now that the leash pressure is beginning to wean off, she still remembers what to do when given a command paired with the stimulation. This sets the stage for eventual off-leash working, where there is no leash pressure and relies purely on the e-collar and verbal commands/hand signals.

As an update to her parasite infection, her stool today was similar to that of yesterday. No changes to report in her overall health, eating habits, or behavior in this regard.


Pupdate 2/24/2023

Echo and I met up with another trainer yesterday at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and this video is a good showcase of her progress! This area is known for having high amounts of distractions, but Echo did very well despite this. She spent a good amount of time working next to and around the other trainer's pup as well, which helped her work through her tendency to be distracted by other dogs. She was excited when she first saw the trainer's dog, but managed to control herself and follow through with the commands I gave her. There were a few things that distracted her, such as big groups of people and dogs walking by, as well as some loud cars and buses, but she was able to direct her focus back on to me quickly which shows great progress, as in the beginning she would struggle to divert her attention away from distractions and would end up breaking commands due to it.

During this training session, I placed an emphasis on enforcing heel and holding the positions she is told. We did a lot of walking, and worked on cleaning up her heel position. Each day we work on this, she gets better and better which is great to see. Even when there are major distractions nearby, she manages to remain beside me and is getting much better about not veering off or going behind me when feeling a bit nervous. She still needs occasional leash pressure at this point, though we are on track for weaning it off completely and having her be able to walk in a heel with a loose leash or no leash at all.

As for holding her positions, she is showing progress in sit, down, and place commands. Every day, I work on increasing the distance and duration of these commands while in distracting environments, slowly building up her limit for holding the positions. She did need a little bit of help getting into a down position, but after a few repetitions, she was able to do it when asked. Since there weren't a lot of seating areas at the walk of fame, we made use of portable dog cots, which we used for practicing place. It was her first time doing the command with one of these, but she showed no hesitation and hopped onto it when told. She was able to hold sit on the cot while I was several steps away, and while the other trainer and his pup were practicing their commands around her.

Today, the weather was severe so we limited the time we spent outdoors. We used this as an opportunity to focus on house manners, as she needs work in this area to help her be a well-mannered pup inside the house. She is still a bit nervous about the stairs at my residence, though she is getting much better about remaining in a heel while going up and down them. Her first few times going up the stairs she would either lag far behind because she was too scared to come up, or try to sprint up them and drag me along because she wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. So I've been working on teaching her to walk nicely beside me, and follow my pace as we go up staircases. I'm also having her sit and wait whenever I open the door, which she is getting the hang of. During our first day or two, whenever I opened a door she would attempt to charge through my legs and push me aside in order to go through the door before I could. This is not polite or safe behavior, so instead, I have taught her to either heel with me through the doorway, or to sit and wait for me to walk through, and remain there until released or told to come. I am also working on getting her not to jump on me or other people when she is excited, as she is not a small dog and her doing this can create dangers for those around her if this is allowed to continue. We also continued to work on food manners, where I have her sit while I prepare her food, and have her wait to be released to eat it once I put it down. She's not super crazy about her food and is usually very calm about it, but it's still a good practice to have so that she can learn self-control.

To update her parasite situation, I have noticed no changes in her stool, eating habits, energy levels, or behaviors in relation to this. She appears to be healthy and feeling well!


Pupdate 2/25/2023

Echo and I visited an indoor mall, where we could work on each of her commands in a distracting environment while keeping out of the rain. We worked on her heel while walking by crowds of people and other dogs, and she has shown a lot of improvement in not giving into such distractions. She is definitely feeling more confident, and did not break the position to get away from oncoming passerbys. She did try to walk ahead in the beginning, but after she warmed up a bit and was reminded of where she needed to be, she was able to walk in a nearly perfect heel position without much leash tension if at any. We even practiced her heel with the leash dragging on the floor, and she was able to remain in heel as we walked around and practiced making turns, which is a great sign!

I've noticed we need to put some more work into her left turns, as sometimes she tries to keep walking forwards and ends up running into me when I turn left. Her right turns are bit better, but can still be improved upon. When I turn right she occasionally will take a step or two forward before realizing I have made a turn, and then quickly turn to follow me and get back in the heel position. As we practice her heel and turns more, she will continue to learn the importance of paying attention to me at all times, as I could stop or turn at any moment and she needs to remain beside me regardless. Each day I train with her, I notice improvements in her engagement and focus towards me.

We also worked on getting her to hold her stationary positions, which she has also improved upon. Today was the first day she was able to perform a down without any assistance from me, and quickly got into position when asked. She was also able to hold this position while I walked around her from about 10 feet away. There were other dogs and people walking past her, and she managed to hold the position until released or told to come. Her down and sit commands are both at the same level now, where she is able to perform it quickly when asked to, and hold it during distractions and while I am away from her for over a minute.

We practiced place on the various benches throughout the mall as well, which as usual she jumped onto without hesitation when told to. She was able to hold both sit and down while on a place objects just as well as she would on the ground. If anything, she seems to be more comfortable holding positions on most place objects now, which is a great improvement to how it was a couple of days ago.

We also worked on her come to sit, which she is still struggling with a bit around distractions. She knows the command and what she needs to do, but is still testing to see if she can get away with doing the command just partially. She does the command properly nearly 100% of the time with no distractions around, but it drops to around 70% when distractions are present. She is still great about coming to me when called, but sometimes sits in front of me, behind me, or on the wrong side. This is something we will be putting extra focus on in the coming days, so that she can learn to master this command in highly distracting areas.

As an update to her stool, she went more times than usual today. It was not runny or watery, but was noticeably softer than it typically has been. She is still passing multiple worms in her stool, but they do not appear to have increased in numbers. Her eating habits have remained the same, and I have noticed no other changes related to this.


Pupdate 2/26/2023

Today Echo and I visited an outdoor mall, where we met up with another trainer and their pup again! We continued to work on each of her commands today, but she did struggle with a few of them due to the distracting environment. I've noticed that she gets more distracted in outdoor areas as opposed to indoor ones, as she gets very focused on certain scents that are commonly found in outdoor areas. As you can see in the video, there were a moment where she broke her sit command and got super focused on a distracting smell, but was able to redirect her focus onto me and listen to the command when reminded. She did well while walking in a heel, and only needed mild leash pressure on occasion to prevent her from walking ahead of me, and responded well to the e-collar stimulation in place of where I would previously use leash pressure. She confidently performed place as well as down, and was able to hold the position despite the distraction of the smells and the other dog next to her. Her come to sit shown in the video after the place command was a good example of how she comes to me when called, but sometimes sits just slightly out of the position where I need her to be. I worked on many more repetitions of come to sit after recording the video, and she got much better at performing it properly.

The other trainer and I grabbed a bite for lunch at an outdoor restaurant in the mall, and we used that as an opportunity to work on extended sit and down at the table. Echo did well in this, and did not break her sit command even after several minutes had passed, though she was very persistent about trying to sniff and lick the floor while in a down position. I had to remind her a few times of "off" because even though it smells like food and is distracting, she is supposed to remain in a stationary down position and not try to crawl around to lick or smell things on the floor. She did finally give up after several reminders, and was able to hold a down nicely while we finished eating.

After we got home and had a small break, we walked through some busy areas of my neighborhood and continued to practice each of her commands. She did much better with each of her commands during this session, so I removed all leash pressure and tested to see how she would do with only e-collar stimulation. She walked nicely in a heel for most of the time, and when she did walk a little too far ahead, she quickly got back into position when asked. We also worked on her turns a lot, which she has improved in as well. I was able to put her in a sit or down and walk away nearly 15 feet while she held it for over a minute. She seems to be comfortable with me being at greater distances now, so as the days go on we will focus more on encouraging her to hold her stationary positions for longer durations.


Pupdate 2/27/2023

Today Echo and I visited a Home Depot, where we practiced each of her commands aside from place. There weren't any suitable place objects to practice with here, but she is confident in place at this point, so omitting it from this particular training session was fine. We spent a lot of time working on heel, which she was able to do nicely with no leash pressure being used. She did very well walking in a heel while moving in a straight direction, so we upped the difficulty a bit by practicing walking with a snake-like moment, similar to how one might weave through a crowd of people or around objects. We also worked on her turns while in a heel, with an emphasis on left turns since I've noticed this is a maneuver she has still been struggling with thus far. After many repetitions, she showed a lot of progress and was able to get the hang of it for the most part. We also worked on her sit and down commands with added distance and duration. She did very well at holding a down, and was comfortable holding it for several minutes. She did break her sit command a few times by standing up and coming to me without being called or released, which we will work on more over the next few days to get her more comfortable with holding a sit until she is told otherwise. Her come to sits are much more consistent now as well, and she was able to get it right even while distractions were nearby. She did very well around the distractions at this location, and was able to follow commands with people and machinery passing by, loud noises, and other dogs in the building. There were a few scents that caught her attention around the gardening center, but after a reminder she quickly redirected her focus onto me and her tasks. We did also work on place later in the day while going on a walk through my neighborhood, just to cover all the commands for the day. She did well in this as expected, and was able to jump into various benches and platforms with ease.


Pupdate 2/28/2023

Echo and I worked on all of her commands today at various places around my city. We went for a walk down a busy shopping strip, visited a few dog-friendly stores, as well as an outdoor restaurant. No leash pressure was needed with any of her commands today, and she did an outstanding job at listening and following through with everything she was told. We were even able to practice dropping the leash completely and having her drag the leash while in safe areas away from the busy streets. She didn't even seem to notice that I wasn't holding into it anymore, as she is used to no leash pressure at this point in her training. Her heel has improved drastically, and she was confident in following along with me at any pace and is doing much better when it comes to making turns. She also sits automatically whenever I stop, which is very handy while waiting at crosswalks or when talking to and greeting people. She got many compliments from passersby, commenting on how well-behaved she is! We used this as an opportunity to work on her greeting manners, where she is instructed to sit patiently while greeting and/or being petted by new people. She knows by now not to jump up on others, and was very well mannered and held her sit while she enjoyed being pet.

She was able to hold place, sit, and down for multiple minutes, and was confident and happy holding her stationary positions while I walked around her several feet away. She also held a down very nicely while I sat at a table with her to eat lunch. There were other dogs at nearby tables who were barking and whining at her, but she ignored them and was able to continue holding the down position. She did try to lick the floor at first, but she quickly stopped after one reminder of off. Echo also came directly to me whenever she was called, and was able to perform the come-to-sit command consistently around various distractions. She did very well both outdoors and indoors today, and she managed to ignore most distractions that we encountered throughout the day. There were a few moments when she got a bit spooked by the loud buses that zoomed by us during our walk, but instead of breaking the command to run behind me and hide, she simply looked up to me for reassurance. This shows that she has learned to trust me and be confident by my side. She sees that I am a calm and safe leader to follow, so she feels reassured and her confidence is boosted. Overall, today was a great showcase of the excellent progress she has made with me so far!


Pupdate 3/1/2023

Today Echo and I spent some extra time focusing on practicing and cleaning up her commands while off-leash. I kept the 15-foot leash dragging alongside her just as an extra precaution at first, though after we trained for a while it was clear it was not needed at all. She did very well at ignoring smells, passing cars, people, and other dogs on walks. There was even an off-leash pup who ran right by her, and she was able to come to sit beside me to get out of their way, and resisted the urge to chase/play with the other dog as it zoomed past with its owner trailing behind. She did phenomenally with her heel, and despite me not having a leash in hand, she followed alongside me perfectly with very few reminders needed. It's developed into a good habit, where she naturally wants to focus on me and remain in a heel position while we walk. The days of her trying to run ahead and lead/pull me around are in the past, and she now looks to me to lead her while on walks. We continued to practice her extended sit, down, and place as well. During the first few repetitions, she broke her sit command to come to me before she was called, but after we did it a few more times she remembered to wait until she was told to come. Even though she did break her command, when it comes to having a dog off-leash, it's always better for them to run toward you if they make a mistake, rather than away from you. Her recall for coming to sit is very consistent now, and she always comes to me when called. She's also nearly perfected her form in this as well, though will occasionally sit slightly sideways or step on my feet, which is a minor issue that can be cleaned up with continued repetitions. We also spent some more time going over her house and car manners, which she now has a solid understanding of as we've been practicing it little by little every day. When I first got her, she was very hesitant to go into her kennel, but now she happily climbs in and settles down for sleep time or car rides. She also no longer tries to push past me through doors, and has learned to hold a sit or down inside the house even if there's food in front of her or if I'm out of sight.


Pupdate 3/2/2023

Today Echo and I visited the Santa Monica Pier and Promenade! She has been doing excellent in her training thus far, and this location was a great test of her skills and obedience while in a highly distracting area. We practiced all of her commands, and she did a great job with each of them. There were lots of people, loud sounds, smells, and other distractions present but she didn't seem bothered by it all and was happy to focus on me and perform her commands. She did get a bit excited to see all of the pigeons and seagulls around, but she was able to calm herself and resist the urge to chase them. I noticed a lot of engagement from her today, where she was regularly checking in with me and giving me eye contact and focus without even being asked as we walked around and practiced various commands. She was able to walk in a heel beside me as we walked through crowds of people, as well as hold sit, down, and place for extended periods of time. We practiced place on the benches a few times to get her comfortable with it, because on the first few attempts she nearly jumped over it or slid off, but after a few tries she got the hang of it and ended up having a great time jumping up onto the benches to sit and hang out. We also had the opportunity to practice all of her commands while completely off-leash, and she was able to listen just as well as she would with it on.


Pupdate 3/3/2023

Echo and I made another visit to Santa Monica today! We met up with some of the other OffLeash SoCal trainers, and continued to work on all of her commands around the high amount of distractions and other dogs. She did great with her heel, sit, down, and place while off-leash, and seemed comfortable and familiar with the area. There were large crowds of people and many other dogs around her, but this didn't seem to phase her at all. She was still interested in the birds around the area, but again did very well in showing restraint, and simply looked at them instead of breaking command or trying to chase them. She did try to sniff and lick the floor in certain areas, but quickly stopped when told to. We also worked on her greeting manners today while off-leash, and she loved getting to meet all the nice people and get pet by them. She did get excited and wanted to smell them and wiggle around a bit, but she managed to hold her position for the most part, and did a great job at listening when told to come back to me for a come to sit. We got some great footage of her and I at the pier that will be used in putting together her final video that will showcase her training.


Pupdate 3/4/2023

Today was Echo's last full day with me, so we put all of her learned skills to use to have a fun day together! We visited a park and she had a great time playing with dog toys and playing fetch without the fuss of needing a leash. Her recall is solid, and she always came back to me when called despite the nearby distractions like other dogs, people, birds, and toys. We took a nice walk through the area, and she did very well in remaining in a heel position even while off-leash. She responds very well to the e-collar paired with verbal commands and hand signals, and happily follows any commands that are given. She does a great job at holding both down and sit in any environment, and can remain in position for long durations even with added distance and distractions. We also practiced place on various benches and seating areas around the park, and as usual she did very well on most objects on the first try. She was a little unsure about the new texture of the bench with the holes at first, but after another repetition she settled in and held her place command comfortably. We also visited my friend's house, where we worked on various house manners in a location that is new and exciting to her. I tested her skills with front door manners by putting her into a down position by the door, then leaving it open and walking around and out to the front yard where she could not see me. Despite it being a new area to her, she was able to remain in a down patiently until I came back and did not try to run out the door or break her position. We also worked on greeting manners again, and she did a great job at being polite and patient as she held her sit position while meeting my friends. She has been such a pleasure to train and spend time with, and I think she enjoyed it just as much as I did! Her progress over these last two weeks has been outstanding, and I can tell she has so much potential for a bright future ahead with her owner as a confident, well-trained pup!



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