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Duke | Weimaraner | Manhattan Beach, CA | In-Training

Meet Duke the Weimaraner. He is here for our Two-Week Board and Train Program. Duke is a major puller on the leash, he has some separation anxiety which leads to whining and barking. Other than that he can use a refresher on following his basic commands. So keep an eye as he progresses through his 14-Day transformation! ________________________________________ Pupdate 12/5/2021

Today was Duke’s introduction day. He got nice and settled into my home after a little while. He was initially a little anxious but settled in. He got to meet my puppy who was in his own crate and even got to meet my cat. I can tell he will have some fun playtime with them both here really soon. Aside from that it was a nice day of bonding and relaxing. Tomorrow all the fun begins. Watch out for his daily blog to see as he progresses day by day!

Pupdate 12/6/2021

Today was Duke’s first full day of training. Overall he did well. I did notice he was slightly unsure being in a new environment but eventually he settled in. We worked through most of the command in the training program to gauge where he is and what to work on in the coming days. He is the epitome of a Weimaraner when it comes to using his nose and has the energy to back it up. Todays structured walks along with training allowed him to exert him self both physically and mentally which is a recipe for success especially with working type breed. I look forward to taking Duke to the next level!

Pupdate 12/7/2021

Today Duke and I went out to the Westfield Shopping Center in Valencia. We made sure to go at a time the was less busy and it worked out just great. It allowed us to work on our commands with very few people (distractions) and have successful repetitions. He is a little insecure in new environments, but eventually he settles down and can respond to commands. He is really starting to understand the e-collar which is great. Duke is also walking much better on leash and we will continue to improve in the days to come!

Pupdate 12/8/2021

Duke and I went to Whaley Park in Long Beach today. Our main focus was on his Come and his Heel commands. I would allow him to get distracted by using his nose the way he likes to and then I would recall him. Everyday there has been more some improvement in all his commands, so we hope to continue with that trend. Even his whining and barking behaviors have cut down drastically. It was a solid overall day of training.

Pupdate 12/9/2021

Duke and I hit the Pike Outlets in Down Town Long Beach today. He is breaking out of his shell a little more each day. His Heel command is starting to come along better. Duke isn’t a big fan of the Down command because he is a little insecure and Down is a vulnerable position. However, we are even making progress there. I will continue to challenge Duke and set him up for success. It was a great day of training!

Pupdate 12/10/2021

It’s was a good day of training for Duke. He is getting things down better day by day. His trust in our relationship has grown as well. The more he can trust me the more I am able to do with him. This I’m in turn leads to his confidence building. He is great with people and other dogs. He’s almost a full week into his training and we will continue to build on everything in week two!

Pupdate 12/11/2021

It was a good day of training for Duke and I. With each passing day his confidence grows. The more confidence he has the better his response to new stimulus. He is coming along great at his own pace, but is not quiet ready to be off leash. With this new week we will up the ante and see just how far we can take him.

Pupdate 12/12/2021

It was Sunday Funday for Duke and I. He got to run around a ton with my puppy and loved every minute of it! I was able to practice his Command periodically through his play sessions. Nevertheless we got a good training session in today. Duke can be a little insecure in new environments. However, when you help him work through something he doesn’t want to do he becomes more relaxed and confident.

Pupdate 12/13/2021

Today was a challenging training session for Duke. We went to the local Home Depot and ran him through all his commands. It was his first time at the hardware store and he was a little cautious of things as we were working. The fork lifts that were passing by in near by aisles made him a little uncomfortable. Finally after about 20-30 minutes he was able to over come most of it and hold his Sit’s and Down’s despite the new distractions. We will continue to challenge him this week to bring the best out of him.

Pupdate 12/14/2021

Today was a super rainy day which ate up most of our day. However, we still got a solid training session in our garage to hone Duke’s Come and Heel command off leash. In the afternoon when the rain let up we made it over to the 2nd & PCH Shopping Center. Today it seemed to start really coming together for Duke. He is really starting to show me that training is becoming clearer for him. Letting him have fun, get exercise and train have been the recipe for successful training. I look forward to the remaining days of training with him!

Pupdate 12/15/2021

Duke and I hit the Citadel Outlets today. Today his nose is what threw him off a little. He loves to use it if given a chance and it will allow him to get distracted. That being said he has come a long way and we did manage to get in some solid repetitions. He is almost ready to do his routines off leash in public, but I want to make sure he is perfectly clear before making that next step. Four days to go!

Pupdate 12/16/2021

It was a great day of training. Duke’s improvement day to day this week have become more rapid. He is doing a lot more with leash dragging! I believe with the remaining days we should have some pretty good results that will transfer when he goes back home. It’s been really enjoyable to see not only his training come along but for his confidence to improve too.

Pupdate 12/17/2021

Duke and I had a solid session today. We were able to do the entire training session off leash! It was interesting to see his growth these past 2-3 days. Everything began to click for him. He still has a little ways to go to become even more confident. That being said when he goes back home Sunday I will set him up with the recipe for success. One more day and he gets to go home to the family he loves!

Pupdate 12/18/2021

Today was Duke’s final training and we ended on a high note! He was able to complete his entire training session off leash! Although he can do this for me as his trainer there will still be a learning curve when he goes back home. You will have to build up to it, but the great part is that you have a foundation and are not building from scratch. Duke is a sweet, loving and energetic dog and that is what makes him such a great dog! He still has confidence issues but those came be overcome with consistent training and successful outings. I look forward to to handing him back over tomorrow to go overall everything he has learned.


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