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Duke | Miniature Aussie | Inglewood, CA | In-Training

Duke, a one year old Miniature Aussie, joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Duke is a sweet and energetic boy who loves to play. Duke lacks focus, lacks following commands if distracted, jumps to greet, digs, chews on rocks, and has anxiety from fireworks. Over the next two weeks Duke will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 9/26/2021

Duke has settled in well at my home and has already made a new best friend, Flynn the Corgi.


Pupdate 9/27/2021

Today Duke and I went to the park to start working on his ecollar training. We worked more on his duration (holding commands longer) and focus, since he already knows his commands very well. We also worked on his Heel command. It's still a work in progress but he is walking a lot better now, staying by my side and not trying to drag me wherever he wants to go. We practiced the place command. Place is a command where Duke must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching him to be calm and relaxed.


Pupdate 9/28/2021

Today Duke and I went back to the park to continue working on his ecollar training. I am continuing to use the words that he already knows for his training (climb up = Place, Okay = Break, etc.). He is doing very well with his commands and holding them, we just need to work on his focus. You can see in the video, during the come to sit practice, Duke stops paying attention to me and focus on some kids playing in the background. Not bad, for day two of training!


Pupdate 9/29/2021

Today Duke and I went to a local shopping center to work on his commands around some distractions. He is doing very well, we practiced his commands semi-off leash. I let Duke drag the leash around while we worked on his commands. He heeled by my side without me having to hold onto the leash. We are not fully ready to be off leash yet. There were a few times Duke thought he didn't have to listen because he knew I wasn't holding the leash. He is doing very well with his duration and focus.


Pupdate 9/30/2021

Today Duke and I went to Lowe’s to work on his commands around distractions. We practiced some off leash work. He is getting better with his duration and doing a great job with staying focused with the people distractions around him.


Pupdate 10/1/2021

Today I took Duke and his buddy, Flynn, to The Outlets at Orange to work on their commands around distractions. Duke was a bit excited and distracted at first, but after walking around he was able to relax, focus, and work on his off leash obedience. We practiced all his commands off leash. In the video you can see he was a little sloppy with a few of his commands but Duke still stayed focused and followed through. He did a very good job today!


Pupdate 10/2/2021

Today I took Duke to the Citadel Outlets to work on his commands around high distractions. He did very well. He got complimented on how well behaved he is. Duke got a little excited when someone wanted to greet him, but I gave him a little correction, then he sat politely to get pet.


Pupdate 10/3/2021

Today Duke and his buddy, Flynn, went to the park to work on their commands. Duke was a being a little stubborn today and tried not to listen. After a little while, he gave in and started following all his commands. He did very well at ignoring other dog distractions.


Pupdate 10/4/2021

Today Duke and I went to the park to work on his off leash obedience. He did very well! He practiced all his commands completely off leash. The only time he did get distracted was when another dog ran up to us to say hi to him. Duke got to see some cows today, I thought some herding instincts would come out but he was completely unamused be them.


Pupdate 10/5/2021

Today Duke and I enjoyed the day out in Huntington Beach. Duke did a very good job being off leash. He ignored and walked by all the dogs we came across. He did great at holding his commands while people walked by him. He was unfazed by the bikes and scooters that rolled by, but got a little scared with a skateboard. Duke still is very excitable when someone wants to pet him, but once I correct him, have him sit and be calm, then he waits patiently for affection.


Pupdate 10/6/2021

Today Duke and I worked on his commands with firework noise. He wasn’t as scared I assum he would be. Yes, Duke was a little surprised when he heard the noise and wanted to lay in his bed, but when I called him he came to me. In the video you can see him having a nervous pant. He didn’t shut down or try to bolt away, Duke was still able to focus on following commands.


Pupdate 10/7/2021

Today Duke and his buddy, Flynn, took a trip with me to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Duke was very well behaved while we were there. He practiced all his commands off leash around all noise and distractions. At home we worked more on the firework noise, still a little scared at first, but able to still follow my commands. We also practiced his fetch. In the video you will see numbers. These are points I will explain the process of teaching Duke to bring the ball back.

#1- I have him on leash to keep Duke close. We are starting at short distance. #2- once he catches the ball, I grab the ball, give the command HAND, and wait for him to release. Once he lets go I give him a treat. #3- Here Duke tries to drop the ball instead of putting it in my hand. He doesn’t get the treat unless he hands it to me.

#4- Here I am starting to practice with distance. You can see Duke come towards me to hand me the ball. #5- Now that he has the concept down, at start throwing the ball farther. Now Duke is fetching ball and bringing the ball back to hand it to me all on his own!


Pupdate 10/8/2021

Today Duke and I went to the Block at Orange to work on his off leash obedience around distractions. He did a great job today following his commands, ignoring people and dog distractions. We practiced a little more on his fetching, still trying to be stubborn and not bring it back so I snapped on the leash and worked on the Hand command. Fireworks are still a work in progress, but Duke is progressing. He still gets nervous at the first sound of the fireworks but work him through it until he’s tired and doesn’t care about noise.


Pupdate 10/9/2021

Today Duke to the day off from training and spent the day getting a bath, playing and socializing with his friends. Dike has done an awesome job with his training! He can’t wait to go home and show you everything he has learned!


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