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Duchess | 6 Months Old | Rhodesian Ridgeback | Woodland Hills, CA | In Training

Pupdate 02/09/2020

Meet Duchess, a very spunky and energetic Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy who loves to jump and play. She's here with us for 2 weeks to learn some greeting manners and how to walk on the leash without pulling. She's very excited to get started training.


Pupdate 02/10/2020

Today Duchess focused heavily on building a solid foundation for the Heel and Place commands. Duchess practiced learning these commands and ignoring distractions like her friend Mango and kids playing soccer behind us.


Pupdate 02/11/2020

Duchess off to a great start today. We took a field trip to Lowe's where we practiced her leash and greeting manners out in public. She also got to try placing on some more difficult spots like a wobbly cart and a stack of bricks. This shows how confident of a girl she is.


Pupdate 02/12/2020

Duchess at an outdoor mall today practicing loose leash heeling out in public and holding her commands in front of light distractions and with an audience.


Pupdate 02/13/2020

Duchess out at the park today. I started working here after noticing how much birds get her excited. The ducks and birds flying around the pond made it difficult for her to focus but she is improving.


Pupdate 02/14/2020

Duchess out at Victoria Gardens today working on containing all of her puppy excitement around strangers and busy sidewalks. She is so eager to meet people and get lots of pets that I have to be very proactive with the E-Collar to keep her attention on me. She also practiced some door manners at different shops.


Pupdate 02/15/2020

Duchess showing off her newly found confidence. Until today it was very difficult to get Duchess to place on higher spots like benches or fountains but with some persistence and motivation she is now starting to climb up to higher spots for place showing she's a confident girl.


Pupdate 02/16/2020

Duchess out with Ghost today. She is always excited to meet a new dog so I have been doing everything very slowly and calmly with her trying to keep it contained. Duchess works very well once you can get her focus on you. She is thinking twice before jumping up on people. Constantly introducing her to new dogs and people is a good opportunity correct her if she jumps or barks.


Pupdate 02/17/2020

Duchess off leash at Lowes practicing heeling and holding her place. Also some duration down. Ive learned that Duchess is much less stubborn and resists the down command much less once you've got her a bit tired from practicing heel for a while already. Then once she lays down I capitalize on it with high value pets and treats.


Pupdate 02/18/2020

Off Leash trip to TJ Maxx today practicing walking through distractions like shopping carts and loud children. We also went to PetSmart for the cat adoption event to see her around some feline friends.


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